Exclusive Interview! Cedric Martinez: “I’m Not Clever Enough to Be a Con Artist”
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Exclusive Interview! Cedric Martinez: “I’m Not Clever Enough to Be a Con Artist”

Before you saw the episode in which you first open up about your past [Season 1, Episode 11, “How To Behave”], did you know that Kyle was skeptical about your life story?
You know, I didn’t. And it’s probably because I’ve had some people that said they don’t believe my story and some people that do believe. I’m not here to convince either one. This is my life story, this is what happened, and the thing is, if someone [wanted to], it can easily be checked out. I’m not making things up just for the sake of it. Now, if [Kyle] said she doesn’t really believe me, or whatever, then it’s her thing, and at the end of the day, I’m not going to lose sleep over it.

But a lot of people have taken her side on that. People have even gone so far as to call you a con artist.
Laughs. Yeah. It’s a great term, I love it. It’s like I’m a double agent or something. I think people are giving me way too much credit. You know, I’m not clever [enough] to be a con artist. It takes energy to lie, it takes energy to keep up the lies. That’s what people forget. And if you’re lying, sooner or later, the truth will come out. That’s what I keep saying. I’m a firm believer in karma, and I’m a firm believer that the truth always comes out. So I would not go on national TV and make up this story. I’m not a con artist, but thank you very much for thinking that I am. (Laughs.) I’m not upset. I’ve been called worse, let’s put it that way.

That’s a fantastic attitude.
Well, you can’t take these things seriously. People will have their own opinion, and that’s why we do the show. We want people to get involved, we want people to enjoy themselves, and we want them to keep watching us at the end of the day, you know?

Did you not want to go on the reunion show? Did they not invite you? What happened?
Well, I think the producers [want the reunion to be] about the women and their experience in all the episodes they’ve had in Season 1. Whatever is relevant. I don’t know yet, I can’t really discuss. I’m sure I’ll be talked about, let’s put it that way. Even if I’m not going to be there, my name will be mentioned, I’m sure.

But it seems like it would be natural for you to be there - everyone wants to know what happened with Lisa and Cedric, after all.
They do, don’t they? I love it. I’m a little shocked that they do, you know? Like I said, I’m not going to talk about this. I just love people speculating, I love hearing people’s opinion, ideas, and what they believe. I think it’s great. Let people talk, and then, like I said, the truth always comes out in the end. People will have to be patient, but ‘all shall be revealed,’ as they say.

Exclusive Interview! Cedric Martinez: “I’m Not Clever Enough to Be a Con Artist”
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What actually led you to leave the house? Was that your decision, or Lisa’s? Or Ken’s?
I can’t really talk about it at the moment. I do think it was time for both parties to have their own space.

So where are you living now?
I live in Westwood. That’s not very far, just down the road. I like the area. It’s very nice. I mean, Beverly Hills is nice and all, but Westwood is a little more hip, like Santa Monica or West Hollywood. There’s a bit more happening. Beverly Hills can be... it’s like it’s own world, isn't it? So I’m happy here.

Is there any love in your life right now? We did hear some rumors about a certain former N*SYNC member...
Oh yeah, this old news. We’re just friends. At the moment, there isn’t really anyone. It’s just difficult for me, for some reason, to actually meet people. I just wonder why. Maybe its something is really wrong with me, I don’t know. I’m getting a bit desperate here, you know? (Laughs) But I’m sure I’ll meet someone when the time is right.

It can’t be too hard to meet people — everybody knows who you are now!
Yeah, but I want to meet somebody to want me, not the name, you know? That would be idea. Well, we’ll see. Right now, I’m just having fun and I’m focusing on what’s coming ahead. Boys can wait.

What is coming ahead? Any projects?
Well, I am working on a couple projects which I can’t really talk about… I have to keep it very hush-hush, but I’ve been working for the past few weeks now. I’m focusing more on acting, as well. It’s something that I’ve always loved to do. I’ve also been fixing up a book about my life, so yeah, that’s been taking quite a lot of my time as well. And I enjoy it thoroughly, being able to write. It’s quite fun.

There’s a lot of things happening, lots of people approaching me, and it’s exciting, so I’m just happy at the moment, just [enjoying] everything that’s going on. I’m definitely busy and happy to work toward something.

With the success of the show, things must really be blowing up right now.
The show has been amazing — really, really obviously helped. It’s a platform to launch anything, really. People are feeling kind of awkward about me. But regardless if people hate me or love me, I don’t really care. I just think it’s fun. You can’t take things too seriously. There’s far more important things in life than these fights here and there. It doesn’t matter. It’s just a lot of fun, you know?

Exclusive Interview! Cedric Martinez: “I’m Not Clever Enough to Be a Con Artist”
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Talk about plot twists! In the first season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump’s “Permanent Houseguest” Cedric Martinez went from being the eye candy harmlessly lounging poolside to being a lightning rod of controversy. Sure, the “When is Cedric going to move out?” thread was always in the background, but it was usually played more for laughs than anything else.

But at the end of the season finale, we were shocked to learn that not only had Cedric moved out, but he and the Todd-Vanderpumps had had a massive falling out and were no longer on speaking terms. Add to that debate over the accuracy of his tragic life story, and suddenly we found ourselves overflowing with questions about this Beverly Hills beefcake. Diva? Grifter? Victim? Con artist? We got on the phone with the man himself and attempted to unwrap the mystery that is Cedric Martinez.

WP: First things first. Did you finally get your driver’s license?
You know, I still don’t have the American license. I haven’t gotten around to it yet, but I will.

How did you first meet the Todd-Vanderpumps? Was it at the club?
I met Ken and Lisa about ten years ago, when they first opened up a club called the Feather Lounge in London. I was the VIP host. They lived in France at the time, and worked in London, so they would come and sort of check up on their business, and this is how I met them. We struck up a friendship the very first time we met, and we stayed friends, and we grew closer as the years went on.

Did you go with them when they moved to Beverly Hills?
No, no. Not at all. They lived in the South of France. I lived in London. So I’d never lived with them before. When they asked me if I wanted to come here, I jumped at the opportunity, because I’d always wanted to come to America. I thought it would be a great opportunity, and I didn’t want to miss it. And plus, I am very fond of them, so I accepted.

So you’re a real California boy now.
Yeah. I like it here, you know? The weather’s good. I’m meeting a lot of nice people and it’s actually becoming interesting, so I guess I’m going to stick around for a bit.

So let’s get to the question that’s on everyone’s minds after the season finale: Are you still not on speaking terms with Ken and Lisa? What’s the status right now?
Not at the moment. I think that we’re taking time off one another. Like I said before, there’s nothing we can’t fix. Once you’re really close with somebody, you might have a fallout or a fight, but if when you like someone — when you love somebody — people will get back together naturally. So I’m not too worried.

Exclusive Interview! Cedric Martinez: “I’m Not Clever Enough to Be a Con Artist”
Credit: via Cedric Martinez on Facebook    

So now that Lisa’s out of the question for the time being, who would you want to shack up with next out of all the other housewives?
Who would I want to live with? I’d have to think about that one a bit. I have to say, I’d probably live with Lisa again. It’s a tough one, isn’t it? They did have a beautiful house.

Adrienne’s seemed pretty cozy.
Adrienne’s is a big house, but it’s not my style. It’s a little too garish for me, it’s very Las Vegas. It’s like walking into a casino. It’s not done very tastefully, if I can be honest. It’s a beautiful house, don’t get me wrong, but it’s a little bit, yeah, like a casino.

If I had to pick, I would probably go with Kyle's. I like her house very much. It’s more of a home, you know? Lisa’s is like a house, and it’s a beautiful house, but Kyle’s is a home. It’s a place where you raise children, for instance. You want to invite friends around. You want to stay there. You know what I mean? I think that [Adrienne’s house] is great, but it’s not really home-y. It’s more of a showroom. You can’t really just cozy up on a sofa, because there’s like 20,000 from which to pick.

What was it like to have to compete for Lisa’s attention with Giggy?
Oh, Giggy, Giggy. Giggy the man. (Laughs.) Actually, I was quite relieved [when] Giggy came, because he took some pressure off me. It was good. We shared Lisa. We shared the responsibility. We’re friends, me and Giggy. There's no competition. If anything, he helped me out. (Laughs.)

How old is Giggy?
I think he’s going to be a year and a half? He is a baby. He’s very small. When they got him he had a lot of fur, and then he just lost it. We still don’t know why he lost it. Maybe he wasn’t being treated like a dog, so he thought “I don’t need the fur.” (Laughs.)

Some of our readers were pretty envious of your living situation at Lisa’s. Any advice to aspiring Permanent Houseguests?
Well, in my situation it kind of just happened. I didn’t pick one family out. I was more organic. It was very natural. I was very fortunate. But, if you didn't know anybody, if you didn’t have any friends that had a big house, how would you meet one? (Pause.) My guess would be... come hang out in Beverly Hills? Or just hang out at a parties, you know? It is Beverly Hills, everybody has a big house. It that’s what you want, I’m sure you can make it happen.

Here’s hoping! One last thing... do you Tweet?
I do have a Twitter. It’s @martinezcedric. A lot of people are really confused about it, but its me. As far as I know, nobody’s pretending to be me yet.

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