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The Bachelor

Wetpaint Exclusive! Tenley Molzahn Uses Fashion to Predict Brad’s Final Two

“Ladies, everything is about to change…” Those sweet words out of Chris Harrison’s mouth don’t just mean the ladies are changing their surroundings; it means it’s time for them to pack their bags! This packing isn’t exactly easy... Well, it wasn’t easy for me anyway. After a few weeks of getting comfortable in the mansion, belongings get thrown everywhere. The ladies are only given so much time to put everything back together. Back in my day, we were given only about an hour to do that. We had to pack one suitcase that would be available for the next couple of days. I’m not gonna lie: A teensy weensy bit of anxiety settled in as I had to rearrange my clothing! We’re back to square one again, how does one decide what to pack when you don’t know what is to come?! Okay, truth is I have this packing problem all the time… I either over-pack or can’t seem to pack enough!

Here are my tips to packing: Leave at least one piece out that makes you feel unbelievable while traveling. Emily (again) took the reins in choosing my favorite single article of clothing — a scarf to add a little bit of style and charm to even the simplest outfit. But Emily’s wasn’t just any old scarf, according to Possessionista, this scarf may have been Missoni. Emily, you do it just right! A simple outfit splashed with just the right accessory — even if it is quite an investment — is always a great option.

Two-on-one dates are something you don’t want to invest too much in, since at least one heart is going to be broken. I watched with my hands cupped over my eyes, peeking through my fingers in fear of sweet Ashley S. being sent home. These two Ashleys were friends — and practically twins in their petite sizes and similar choices in clothing — but Ashley S.’s wardrobe was always the one I looked forward to. I imagined we’d share closets one day! Sadly, my fear became reality as Brad said goodbye to Ashley S. in her blue Hailey Logan Strapless dress. The bright side? The chances of us sharing closets now are probably greater because she won’t be sharing closets with Brad!

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Last week I said that Shawntel N. was on my radar — and after this week, she’s front and center! I have to have her red/orange off-the-shoulder long-sleeve sweater! I don’t say I have to have things very often, but it was just the right pop of color, the perfect amount of sexy, and still modest. And I definitely love a good pair of white shorts for a date. I wore some with Kiptyn on our Catalina date! So are Chantal and Shawntel going to go head-to-head in the end? It’s the luck of the white shorts versus the perfect Catalina date with undeniable chemistry! I can’t wait to see!

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I don’t think there was a dry eye in North America last night as we all watched Emily overcome a very emotional obstacle. I think everyone was proud of her, and I know everyone is now hoping she will be our next Bachelorette. I especially hope she will be our next Bachelorette, because I just can’t get enough of the little pieces she pulls into her wardrobe! I always get stuck on one adorable item she’s wearing and don’t remember anything else. Her racetrack date was no exception: She wore a beautiful pink beaded tank top that I can’t get out of my head! I have asked Possessionista who makes this awesome top, but it’s still a mystery to both of us. I’m sure she’ll figure it out soon!

So in my opinion, we’re looking at Emily as our next Bachelorette and both Shawntel N. and Chantal O. competing for Brad’s heart in the end. Fine by me, especially if Emily keeps pulling off hot and affordable Forever 21 dresses like her black and white bandage dress from the rose ceremony this week! Could I be right about any of this?

02.2.2011 / 03:37 AM EDT by Tenley Molzahn
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