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What Is Brad Womack’s Real Name?

Bachelor Brad Womack’s real birth name is Stephen Bradley Womack. At age 4, he and his brothers were adopted by their mother’s second husband, whose last name was Pickelsimer. (Thanks, Mom!) So after age 4, Brad was legally Stephen Bradley Pickelsimer.

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As Brad's twin brother, Chad, told, “They divorced 10 years later and all three of us — Brad, Wes, and I, changed our name back to our birth name as soon as we legally could. We’ve all been Womacks again for years and are very proud of that name — once again our birth name.”

Brad told Jay Leno he changed his last name back to Womack when he got out of college. Although he was born a Stephen, no one seems to ever call him that. Interesting side note: DeAnna Pappas’s fiance is Stephen Stagliano. So she was almost engaged to one Stephen on The Bachelor Season 11 and is now engaged to another.

02.2.2011 / 04:55 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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