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The Bachelorette

Gia Allemand and Vienna Girardi Launch Twitter Feud Over Wetpaint Poll (and Wes Hayden)

When all else fails, just blame Wes Hayden. It's not like he isn't used to it.

But instead of targeting the guy who may or may not have broken up their friendship, former Bachelor Season 14 pals Gia Allemand and Vienna Girardi turned their anger against each other in a brief but vicious Twitter feud.

Gia and Wes had a bit of a showmance on last summer's Bachelor Pad. She lives in New York and he lives in Texas. They seemed to want to make a relationship work, but they ended up leaving things as "just friends." Recently, Vienna and Wes were rumored to be dating after she visited him in Texas. They both refuted this rumor, but Gia’s not buying it. She went so far as to issue her own harsh statement to Spoiler King Reality Steve, calling Wes “a snake who only cares about himself and uses people to try to get another 15 minutes of fame.”

But that wasn’t the end of it.

We posted a Bachelorette poll a while back, asking viewers if they'd like to see Vienna, Gia, or Emily Maynard as the next Bachelorette. (No, that is not a spoiler. We don't really know what happens to Emily, we just know she's very popular and not really right for Brad Womack.)

All three ladies did very well in the poll, getting thousands of votes each. We ran a new one this week, adding the recently rejected Ashley Spivey.

Yesterday we tweeted, “Vote now! Who do you want to be the next #Bachelorette: Ashley Spivey, @MsEmilyMaynard, @ViennaGirardi...@GiaAllemand?

Gia retweeted the note with “I guess I can hope to be the bachelorette now that wes is dating vienna!”

A fan then asked, “@GiaAllemand is @ViennaGirardi really dating @wesleyhayden ?! Wow...didn't see that coming...” Gia replied, “You and me both... Hope they're happy together!”

Vienna countered, “It's sad that people have to make up lies (Gia) that I'm dating someone so they can get sympathy and attempt to become the bachelorette.”

She added, “@GiaAllemand stop making up lies about me so people will vote for you. It's Pathetic! :( @ViennaGirardi...” with a link to our new Bachelorette poll.

This is where things got really ugly.

Gia tweeted, “Dear vienna, u have no class and are a bad friend everyone saw you guys at the reunion and in texas. And u even approached me hope they got it on camera.. We will see soon on the women tell all. The world already knows ur true colors.”

Vienna tweeted, “@GiaAllemand I hope they got the entire conversation on video especially the part about you sleeping with Mario Lopez. Have a nice day!”

Gia replied, “There's a lot I can say but I was once ur friend and no matter what u do or say to me I will never make up stuff to make u look bad or air ur life on twitter! Take care and goodluck”

Yikes! Wes himself weighed in on Twitter: “Gia is an absolute sweetheart, if she ever needed anything from me I would be there for her. Much love!” and “Vienna and I are not dating. We meet for the first time last week with a group of people. She is a very sweet girl but no dating!”

So who is lying about this relationship? And why does it matter? Will we learn the truth at the Women Tell All?

This is especially sad since Gia was Vienna’s only real friend in the Bachelor house. The other girls (especially Ali Fedotowsky) didn’t seem to get Vienna. After Ali was named the Bachelorette, a fan tweeted that it should’ve been Gia. “I can't tell you how much I agree," Vienna replied. “[Gia] would have been the best bachelorette!"

Now people are taking sides, while Wes continues to tweet philosophical stuff like “People love drama, not sure why but what a pathetic way to live. A fool runs their mouth but a wise man listens.” Sounds like love still don’t come easy.