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The Bachelor

Molly Mesnick Gives Props to Brad for Taking Charge

Molly Mesnick isn't into the wishy-washy Brad Womack who gets strung along by tearful and manipulative bachelorettes. She's into Brad 2.0, the gutsy guy who briefly reared his head on The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 5.

In her latest vlog for CelebTV, Molly applauds Brad for finally manning up at the Las Vegas cocktail party and making it clear he's there to find a wife, not listen to girls whine and complain. "We even saw him put Chantal O. in her place," Molly says, "which I thought was really kind of fun, to see Brad take charge for once." (And it's true. Chantal needs to stop giving Brad so much "crap.")

Like everyone else, Molly was jealous of Shawntel Newton's "amazing" Pretty Woman date. "These producers are definitely stepping it up a notch," the Bachelor Season 13 veteran says. "We didn't have any dates like this on my season, so I was certainly jealous watching her get all that amazing stuff."

Molly says she was not only surprised to see Ashley Spivey go home from the two-on-one, she thought it was "really bizarre" that we didn't see Brad have any one-on-one talks with either Ashley before the elimination. "It's like the date ended very abruptly. They sat down for dinner and he was sending one home."

Watch the video below for more from Mrs. Molly.

02.3.2011 / 03:06 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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