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Top 5 Interviews With David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel

Separately, they're adorable: David Boreanaz has his silly stories and Emily her Deschanel charm. But when these the two Bones stars get together, we're treated to a perfect storm of brother-sister banter, hilarious tangents, and inside jokes that makes us wish we could hang with the pair on set every day. Check out the videos of some of our favorite David and Emily interviews, apart and as a too-cute twosome.

5. Emily swaps sister stories with Jimmy Kimmel
Back in 2006, Bones was only in its second year, and the Deschanel duo weren't yet the superstars they are today. It's hilarious to listen to Emily describe the psychological torments she inflicted on Zooey when they were younger — especially now that the sisters are so close.
4. David nearly infects Craig Ferguson with swine flu
Remember when everyone was terrified the next big epidemic was on the horizon when H1N1 reared it ugly head? David was just getting over a bout of the flu — which he swore wasn't of the dreaded swine variety — and Craig was more than a little wary of contracting the virus and the horrific-sounding "man cramps" that would come along with it.
3. Emily's excited to meet Ellen
In 2009, Emily went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show for the first time but felt like she already knew the talk show host since she's a big fan of the show. She then launched into an explanation of how she deals with people who tell her that she looks like that woman from Bones. Yes, it's amazing.
2. Awkwardness ensues when David talks with Craig Ferguson again
What is it about Craig that brings out the weirdness in David? We're not quite sure what was going on with David on September 28, 2010, when he appeared on Craig's show, but everything he said was a little strange. One thing is for sure, though: He's probably never asked Emily for her opinion on whether or not breast milk is vegan.
1. Emily and David get interviewed by BuddyTV — or, more accurately, by each other
The interviewer was pretty much a third wheel in this conversation between David and Emily. Questions about Bones went unanswered, as the two stars clearly preferred to talk to each other about Muppets. That said, the dynamic between the two is a total treat to watch.

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