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The Bachelor

Was Brad Womack Really Dating Bettina Bell? Reality Steve Weighs In

Steve Carbone, aka Reality Steve, is a bottomless pit of intel on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. After all, he's the spoiler king! When rumors surfaced last week that repeat Bachelor Brad Womack was dating one of his Season 11 contestants right before jetting to L.A. to film Season 15, we turned to Reality Steve for the true story. On top of that, he hinted at some serious dirt to come. He also dished on Michelle's crazy-woman act and named his pick for Season 7's Bachelorette. He was right about Ali; will he be right again? Our money's on yes!

Wetpaint: Any dirt on Bettina? Were she and Brad seriously dating when filming began?
Reality Steve: No. Total lie. [That is] the worst story I've heard since US Weekly saying Ali and Roberto knew each other before the show started. I don't know why Bettina said that to a magazine other than to get some money. Brad and Bettina never dated between his two seasons.

WP: Had you heard about the Michelle Money and Carlos Boozer (Jazz player) scandal before it broke?
RS: Yes. I knew about Carlos Boozer back on October 27 when I confirmed Michelle as a contestant. There are other details to that story that will be coming out as well.

WP: Will any other scandals break as this season unfolds?
RS: I wouldn't call them scandals, but there's some serious dirt about others on the show that's coming, and it won't be pretty. And lets face it, it's gonna be about the individuals most people care about (i.e. not Britt, Alli, or Jackie).

WP: Any intel on who might be the next Bachelorette?
RS: It's Emily's gig if she wants it. Unless she pulls a Chris Lambton, it will 100 percent be her.

WP: Is Michelle Money as crazy as she seems?
RS: I'm seriously getting a kick out of Michelle. She's an actress. She's playing up a role. I'm not taking anything she does on that show seriously. The edit she's getting is making her seem like she's crazy, but I just think it's acting. I even incorporated her "Boom!" elbow into my dancing last night. Fun times.

02.3.2011 / 05:53 AM EDT by Laura Case
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