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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Cynthia Bailey: Why She Walked Down the Aisle Broke

Cynthia Bailey's got a rep for being a runaway bride, so why did she agree to tie the knot with Peter in the face of financial woes, a failed restaurant, an un-repaid investment, and a total lack of support from her family members? Uh, she's not too sure, either.

"We definitely had, I don't even want to say red flags, I want to say flags on fire, really, saying, 'Shut it down.' But at the same time, we want to do it. We wanted to get married and it was kind of hard to stop the train once it started rolling," she admitted. Wait, what? That sounds like terrible reasoning! But she couldn't bear to send her guests away and do a courthouse ceremony on the cheap after tickets were purchased and hotel rooms had been booked.

"Even though the wedding was beautiful and looked very lavish, it actually, you know, wasn't a million-dollar wedding or anything," Cynthia insisted. "We worked it out and I had a very, very strong team and a supportive team behind me who could just pull it off."

So where did the Real Housewife cut corners? Well, by not pulling a Phaedra, for one thing. Cynthia quipped, "First of all...all flowers were carried or in a vase. Nobody had any in their hair." Uh, or anywhere else for that matter. A few of the H'Wives pointed out during their cut-in finale interviews — where are all the flowers, Cynthia? The ceremony was looking a little sparse. But, Cynthia says, there's an explanation for that. "The only thing that was over-the-top was my beloved dinosaurs and that's because they were at the museum of history and I couldn't obviously take them out," she said.

Let that be a lesson. In-hair rosebuds: boughetto. Dinos: awesome.

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02.4.2011 / 04:33 AM EDT by Mariella Mosthof
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