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Gossip Girl

Five Reasons Why Dan and Blair Are Perfect for Each Other

Dair? Dair?! Yes, Dair! There’s a reason these two have taken so long to have a civil conversation, let alone get their freak on. But remember, opposites attract. Here’s why we think those crazy kids might work it out.

1. They get their banter on. Ever since Dan and Blair started spending time together, their dialogue has brought an extra snap to the Gossip Girl script. We didn’t even know it was gone, but we’re glad it’s back.

2. They’ve got a surprising amount in common. Both Dan and Blair like books and art. Everyone else on this show only likes hair gel and backstabbing. Both of them are obviously relieved to have a conversation that doesn’t circle back to whomever Serena’s banging this week. And if that’s not enough to build a relationship on, what is?

3. Novelty. They’ve both slept with every single person of the opposite sex they know. It would be almost rude of them not to tumble into bed.

4. Think what sleek, dark curly hair their babies would have.

5. They call each other on their crap. No one but Blair gives such elaborate eye rolls when Dan gets all pretentious. And no one but Dan is quite so judgmental of how Blair tramples over everyone in her path. If they can ever build any kind of
trust, these two kids could actually be good for each other. Or at least
make the other less annoying.

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02.4.2011 / 01:02 AM EDT by Melinda Taub
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