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The Bachelorette

Wetpaint Exclusive! Chris Lambton Loves Peyton Wright, Hates Reality TV

Bachelorette Season 6 runner-up Chris Lambton and Bachelor Season 10 and Bachelor Pad contestant Peyton Wright are an official — and extremely adorable — couple. Wetpaint caught up with the twosome at the Bachelor reunion in NYC on Saturday, January 29, and Chris was quite the prankster, hugging his fellow Bachelorette alums while they were in the middle of interviews and trying to annoy other members of the press during interviews. (He even gave us a free hat at one point, for no apparent reason.) Who knew he was such a cut-up?

But Peyton and Chris have all the trappings of being the real deal. In fact, they revealed which newly engaged Bachelor Pad guy set them up. Chris also described his recent outing with Ali and Roberto, and explained why he refuses to watch Brad’s current season of The Bachelor.

Wetpaint: Any regrets doing the show?
Peyton: No, I don’t have any regrets. It was a great time, made some great friends.
Chris: No regrets. I have great friends I made out of it, I have a beautiful girl next to me, so are you kidding me? Zero regrets.

WP: Was there an amount of money they could have offered you to be the next Bachelor?
Chris: I’m not the kind of person that can be bought. I like who I am, I like my family, I have values. You can’t put a price on who you are.
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WP: Chris, I have to say, I was convinced that Ali was going to choose you, and was sort of devastated when she didn’t. [Peyton laughs] Do you still keep in touch with her at all?
Chris: I actually hung out with Ali and Roberto in Massachusetts in September and went to a Red Sox game with them, and Roberto’s my very best friend from the show, so I talk to him all the time. And you know what? It’s one of those things where, like, the two of us didn’t connect, she picked Roberto, the two of them connect. Hey, you know what? Everything happens for a reason. You know what? My reason is great. [Gestures to Peyton.]

WP: No problem with how you were portrayed on the show?
Chris: I’m sure everyone has a problem somewhat, but–
Peyton: I feel like you do everything and you say everything, so it’s your own fault if you don’t like what’s shown.

WP: Peyton, what was your experience like on Bachelor Pad?
Peyton: Oh, I loved it. I think Bachelor Pad — it was much more relaxed then Bachelor. You’re competing for money versus a man. It’s much more realistic, and it’s competitive. It was fun!

WP: Was there any connection with Jesse [Beck]?
Peyton: No, he’s like my little brother.
Chris: Jesse’s how we got together. He was my best friend on the show — by far, best friend. He’s my boy. The reason why we got together is, I had an event in North Carolina, and I had an “and one.”
Peyton: “Plus one.”
Chris: He was my “and one.” So we ended up going down there, and he was like, “Oh, this girl from Bachelor Pad is close by. She’s gonna come hang out.” And I was like, “I don’t watch that crap.” [Peyton laughs] So then she shows up, she walked into the store, and I was like, “Oh, my God.” Jesse brought us together, so Jesse — thank you.
Peyton: He’s actually engaged.

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WP: Is he really?
Peyton: He’s engaged, getting married in June.

WP: How did he meet her?
Peyton: They met the night of “The Men Tell All” that they filmed for their season.

WP: Someone involved with the show?
Peyton: No, he went out to a bar, met her at the bar that night. So it’s weird how it all works out.

WP: Do you watch the current season together?
Peyton: He doesn’t.
Chris: I don’t watch reality TV. It’s crap. I watch sports.

WP: You just happened to have ended up on the show.
Chris: I was asked to be on it by someone from the show.

WP: So you don’t know much about Brad?
Chris: I didn’t watch his first season, his second season, and I’m damn well not watching his third season.

WP: What else is new with you?
Chris: I’m back in the Cape. I try to keep it real with my brothers and my family, keep it low.

WP: And Peyton, who do you like for Brad?
Peyton: I really like Emily. I’m from the South. Good old Southern girl — I always root for my Southern girls.

WP: Do you watch it with any cast member from the show?
Peyton: I don’t. I record it.

WP: And who do you like to hang out with from the show?
Peyton: Gia. I love Gia — she’s my girl.