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Grey's Anatomy

Music from Grey’s Anatomy Season 7, Episode 13: “Don’t Deceive Me (Please Don’t Go)”

Grey's famed music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas has introduced us to some of our favorite artists, and the hits just keep on coming in Season 7. For makeups, breakups, and those cringe-inducing surgeries, check back every week for our weekly roundup of the music from Grey's Anatomy.

Artist: Lykke Li
Song: "Little Bit"
Album: Youth Novels
Scene: Derek and Alex begin operating on patient Mr. Driscoll. Yikes!
Hands down, I'm too proud for love
But with eyes shut, it's you I'm thinking of
But how we move from A to B? It can't be up to me
Cause you don't know, eye to eye, thigh to thigh, I let go.

The Boxer Rebellion
Song: "Both Sides Are Even"
Album: The Cold Still
Scene: Things heat up for Calzona in a big way.
These are my suspicions
And I'll never know how this was a lost cause
And both sides are even
If both sides are even, then what side are you on?

Brooke Waggoner
Song: "Fresh Pair of Eyes"
Album: Fresh Pair of Eyes
Scene: Meredith discusses her mother's Alzheimer's condition with Alex.
I want, I want to be seen
With a fresh pair of eyes
The single, the single white tree
In a black hood of disguise.

Song: "Hero's Welcome"
Album: How To Lose Your Best Friend
Scene: The doctors keep an eye on one of Bailey's patients.
Welcome home if you want
We'll go out tonight
Heroes come home, it's been so long
Smoke and mirrors
In the half-light as one.

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