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Ranking Glee Season 2: Which Episode Is YOUR Favorite?

SPECIAL EDUCATION (Season 2, Episode 9)
Ranking: 10
Most memorable moment: Emma gets hitched.
What we liked: Our favorite storyline? Artie cheering Brit up with that comb, and Brit revealing that she wasn’t actually cheating on him. That rendition of “Hey, Soul Sister” made even us admit that the song might not be so bad after all.
What we didn’t: Yes, this is our least-favorite episode of the season. Let’s face it — it’s a sad state of affairs when an episode’s best song is by Train. Plus, the Will-Emma and Rachel-Finn “will they or won’t they” drama feels done to death, as Emma’s marriage seems especially out-of-left-field. But our biggest beef with the episode? That tie between New Directions and the Warblers. (A tie? Are you kidding?!)

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FURT (Season 2, Episode 8)
Ranking: 5
Most memorable moment: Finn sings to Kurt on the dance floor at his mom’s wedding
What we liked: This week gives us Burt standing up for his son and delivering touching vows to Carole? We don’t think it’s possible for us to be any more in love with the guy. Meanwhile, Sue’s interactions with her mom are a blast, Sam and Quinn are officially adorable, and that meeting with Karofsky’s professorial dad is certainly intriguing.
What we didn’t: We’re not trying to nitpick here, but that walk down the aisle is awfully cheesy, no?

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BRITNEY/BRITTANY (Season 2, Episode 2)
Ranking: 3
Most memorable moment: Uh, what isn’t memorable? Between Britney Spears’s cameo and Rachel in that skirt, there are enough watercooler moments to last a lifetime.
What we liked: This episode, with lots of amazing dance moves from Brittany and an expanded role for Carl, was fizzy fun. Our fave song of the night, the Bob Fosse-esque “Toxic,” ranks among the year’s best.
What we didn’t: Just like “Grilled Cheesus” isn’t fun enough, this one may be a little too fun. Story and character development got pushed aside in an effort to create as many viral videos as possible. And there are so many dream sequences, we might as well have been watching The Wizard of Oz.

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THE ROCKY HORROR GLEE SHOW (Season 2, Episode 5)
Ranking: 4
Most memorable moment: More topless guys than we can count (including Sam wearing a pair of gold shorts that should really become a part of his regular wardrobe)
What we liked: Glee does Rocky Horror? What’s not to like?
What we didn’t: A little hard to buy into this whole premise of a high school performing Rocky Horror without seeing Will as having questionable values when it comes to educating children. The “Will and Emma sneak around behind her boyfriend’s back” plotline is more tired than the patients at a narcolepsy clinic.

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We all have our Glee favorite episodes, ones that we especially love for whatever reason. Taking into account everything from story, song performances, character work, and overall enjoyability, we have ranked this season’s episodes thus far. And if your favorite episode is last, just keep in mind that we love them all — but one of them had to be last!

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NEVER BEEN KISSED (Season 2, Episode 6)
Ranking: 1
Most memorable moment: Karofsky kisses Kurt (although that fantasy of Beiste chopping meat is a close second)
What we liked: Here it is: The episode of the year! It has everything: an introduction to lovable Blaine with that fabulous “Teenage Dream” cover; a sweet scene with Will and Beiste; and possibly the most shocking Glee moment of all time in Karofsky’s kiss with Kurt. What more could we ask for?
What we didn’t: Sure, one could quibble that Will sounds a bit condescending to Beiste, or that Glee has now arbitrarily decided to take bullying seriously after being sort of glib about it last season. But no one likes a quibbler, right?

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DUETS (Season 2, Episode 4)
Ranking: 8
Most memorable moment: Santana and Brittany get it on!
What we liked: Gutsy song performances (case in point: Kurt’s “Victor/Victoria”), and evidence that Rachel could actually think of someone else for a change. The episode contains one of our favorite shots of the season, as Brittany hilariously nose-nudges that meatball, thus establishing Artie and Brit as one of our favorite couples.
What we didn’t: This episode begins the slow process of Rachel and Finn getting less and less endearing. We’re also not exactly sure what the point of Brittany and Santana’s hookup is, now that we expect a little more than just sensationalism out of the Brittster.


AUDITION (Season 2, Episode 1)
Ranking: 6
Most memorable moment: A tie: Brittany flirting with the doll likeness of herself; and Sue and Will giddily teaming up (albeit briefly) to pester Beiste.
What we liked: Talk about starting the season with a bang! This season provided a great introduction to three new characters — two (Sam and Beiste) that have become beloved, and one (Sunshine) who has been M.I.A. ever since making a smashing debut with “Telephone.”
What we didn’t: Not one but two songs featuring white rapping (“Empire State of Mind” and “Billionaire”)? Are they trying to drive us crazy?

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THE SUBSTITUTE (Season 2, Episode 7)
Ranking: 2
Most memorable moment: Will’s hallucination, in which he sees the glee members as their childhood selves.
What we liked: After a number of rather serious film roles, who knew Gwyneth could have so much fun? Her take on “Forget You” was show-stopping, and we can’t wait for more Will-Holly chemistry!
What we didn’t: Mercedes having food issues feels like old hat, and Terri has less depth than a kiddie pool.

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A VERY GLEE CHRISTMAS (Season 2, Episode 10)
Ranking: 7
Most memorable moment: Santa Beiste has a heart-to-heart with Brittany
What we liked: A fun-filled Christmas episode with plenty of heart to boot. We get both Sue dressed as the Grinch, and Artie with new legs.
What we didn’t: Yet more Finn and Rachel angst? Yawn.

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GRILLED CHEESUS (Season 2, Episode 3)
Ranking: 9
Most memorable moment: Kurt’s show-stopping performance of “I Want to Hold Your Hand.”
What we liked: Lots of powerful stuff here, with even typically ice-cold Sue managing to tug at our heartstrings. And we’ll never complain about extra Mercedes screentime.
What we didn’t: It’s nice to see Glee tackling challenging subject matter, but this episode is a little too heavy. On top of that, any scenes with the football team just remind us how ridiculous this whole Artie-on-the-football-team plotline really is.

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