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Jersey Shore

Teen Mom Maci Is BFFs With Jersey Shore Stars

MTV-made reality stars flock together, or so 19-year-old Teen Mom star, and mother to Bentley, Maci has proven. She hit up NYC on Tuesday with Jersey Shore girls Sammi and Snooki to grab some sushi with the girls. Two thoughts come to mind: Who is baby-sitting Bentley while Maci's jet-setting, and since when are Snooki and Sammi on grabbing a bite together terms? But, we digress.

Maci, rocking some fierce new long, blonde extensions, also hung out with JWOWW on her NYC visit, and tweeted Pauly, "Come down to the restaurant we are down here hangin out."

Besides her Jersey Shore buds, Maci's also befriended fellow teen mom Bristol Palin. Says Maci of her high profile gal pal, "Bristol and I, we are good friends. We are going through the same thing pretty much and we talk about our kids and our baby's dads and stuff."

It's kind of amazing that Maci manages to find something in common with both the Jersey Shore party girls and Bristol Palin, poster girl for conservative behavior. Of course, The Situation and Bristol managed to find some common ground, so anything is possible.

Source: US Magazine