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Top 10 Funniest Quotes From Bones Season 6, Episode 12: “The Sin the Sisterhood”

This week’s episode, “The Sin in the Sisterhood,” might have been light on the gore (okay so there were no exploding heads like in last week’s “The Bullet in the Brain”), but it was heavy on the funny. There was a little dry-humping, a whole lotta sexual frustration, and a man who was sleeping with three sisters... and a mistress. Everyone was getting in on the jokes, even Wendell the squintern. Read on for our picks for the top 10 most amusing quotes from Bones Season 6, Episode 12!

10. The not-so-O.K. Corral
Paul: Hey, you don’t want to start catching babies, do you? All right, then we’ll come over here and shoot guns.

9. A small technicality
Hodgins: Who let Cam shoot a gun?
Wendell the squintern: The second amendment.

8. A screaming woman wins
Cam: He hasn’t kept a date in three weeks.
Angela: What is his excuse?
Cam: Women in labor. It’s a good excuse, don’t get me wrong.

7. Ed wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed...
Booth (hearing a beeping noise in the car): What was that?
Brennan: Adaptive cruise control. When the Prius senses the car ahead is too close it warns you and slows down.
Booth: Oh, so the car is smarter than our victim.

6. Keep it down, kid
Hodgins: You got off easy, kid. Mother Nature cleaned these bones.
Wendell: She did a crappy job.
Hodgins: Shh, she can hear you.

5. Vegetable jokes… or was it a grain?
Cam: Any luck with the bullet?
Booth: No. They’re changing the expression from “needle in a haystack” to “bullet in a cornfield.”

4. TMI
Brennan: It’s as if this man spent a great deal of time supporting his weight on his hands while engaging in a repetitive motion.
Wendell: I get it.
Brennan: This motion would be reminiscent of a primate having intercourse.
Wendell: We are looking for a horny farmer, yes we are.

3. Something only a mother-to-be would think of
Angela: Why would one man even want three wives?
Brennan: Well, with three wives he can produce 11 children in 8 years.
Angela: I guess more people to do dishes.

2. Fun with farm animals!
Wendell: What are you doing?
Hodgins (watching farm animals eating): Watching a live feed.

1. Bones calls it like she sees it
Brennan (to Booth): Should you call Hannah and ask her to join us? She enjoys drinking alcohol very much.

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