Wetpaint Exclusive! Bachelorette Contestant Craig Robinson Loves Emily
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The Bachelorette

Wetpaint Exclusive! Bachelorette Contestant Craig Robinson Loves Emily

Ali said from the beginning that she was attracted to a sense of humor, and she proved it by keeping the always-funny Craig Robinson around for quite a while. He was just as candid in our interview with him at a Bachelor reunion and Bachelor Pad 2 casting event in NYC on Saturday, January 29. He tells us what it was like to run into “Rated R” for the first time that night, along with details about how things have changed for him with the ladies.

Wetpaint: I noticed that Justin [aka “Rated R”] is here. Have you spoken with him since the show?
Craig: Oh, yeah. Him and I actually just shook hands and embraced. It’s one of these things, I knew I was going to see him tonight. I haven’t seen him, but I don’t hold a grudge for very long, and life’s too short to sit there and be mad at someone so stupid as that.

WP: You seemed pretty heated at the time.
Craig: That was a long time ago. That was almost a year ago now.

WP: You kept surprising me by how hilarious you were on the show. You can’t be having too much trouble with the ladies these days.
Craig: Things have been good. I was dating a girl for a while that, uh, things just kinda didn’t work out.

WP: How did you meet her?
Craig: I met her at an event that I was doing through the show, but just things didn’t work out, so I’m single now.

WP: So dating life has improved since the show?
Craig: Dating life has been a lot different. I can’t say improved — the options are greater. The quality of girls is still the same, but the options are greater. You gotta sort through the girls that are there for you or the girls that are there because you were on a reality TV show.

WP: You’re watching Brad’s season?
Craig: I am watching Brad’s season.

WP: Who are you liking?
Craig: I love Emily. I think she’s a great, great girl. I’m rooting for her all the way.

WP: Who do you hang out with from your season?
Craig: I hang out with all these guys — all of them. [Kasey approaches.] This guy Kasey, Chris, Frank, Ty, Jesse, Tyler. Any chance we get, we all hang out.

WP: Did you feel a real connection with Ali?
Craig: I did. I’ll be honest — I did feel a connection with her at the time, but just things weren’t meant to be. You move on. Certain things just aren’t meant to be. It wasn’t meant to be with her. I still consider Ali a great friend.

WP: Do you still talk to her at all?
Craig: I talk to Roberto a lot. I talk to Ali a couple times here and there, but I talk to Roberto a lot. I wish the two of them the best, I really do.

WP: No regrets from doing the show then?
Craig: Absolutely not! Quite the opposite. I’m just so glad, blessed that I did the show, and I couldn’t ask for a better thing in my life to create such great people in my life.

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