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The Bachelor

Wetpaint Exclusive! Marissa May: How Could ABC Not Show Four Girls Getting Tattoos in Vegas?

Never mind Brad WomackThe Bachelor Season 15 is all about girl power. From vampire Madison Garton saying she liked Brad’s ladies more than him, to Ashley Spivey revealing she was more in love with Ashley Hebert than Brad — this one’s definitely for the girls.

Add Marissa May to the ladies lovefest. The 26-year-old sports publicist from Orlando, Florida, got the boot on Week 5 of The Bachelor. Marissa told Wetpaint she had a great time in the house with the other women — including “sweet” Michelle Money.

While in Las Vegas, Marissa and three more of Brad’s babes — Ashley H., Ashley S., and Lisa Morrisey — went out and got rose tattoos to commemorate their journey together. On top of that, Marissa said if she could meet anyone from past seasons of The Bachelor and Bachelorette, she would choose some of the women, since they seem like they’d be fun to hang out with.

And they say Bachelor girls are catty!

Read on for more from Marissa on who is best for Brad, who has no romantic connection with him at all, and what was up with the notes she and Brad exchanged.

Wetpaint: On the premiere, you told Brad your life revolves around sports — and he said “I love you.” You sound like every guy’s dream girl. Are you still single?
Marissa May: I am definitely still looking for the right guy. The dating world is a harsh, harsh world out there. I can’t quite seem to find Mr. Perfect, so I’m definitely still looking.

WP: You must meet a lot of guys in your profession.
Marissa: I definitely come across a lot of guys in sports, but not necessarily the type of guys that I would want to date. I definitely try and stay way from dating any athletes! Other than that, it’s just trying to meet people in my everyday life and it hasn’t really quite worked out for me just yet.

WP: You said you left everything to find love on the show. Did you quit your job or just take a leave of absence? What did you have to leave behind?
Marissa: Yeah, I had to leave my job in order to go on the show and it’s definitely a tough decision for me to make, but I did obviously make that decision. Leaving behind all your comforts, your family, your friends — it was definitely a leap to take, not knowing exactly who it was that I was going to be meeting.

WP: Are you looking for new work now?
Marissa: Definitely looking for work, I’ve been doing a lot of freelance since I got back from the show. I don’t have that solid job quite yet, but I have been able to keep busy with some freelance work.

WP: What made you decide to apply for the show?
Marissa: Actually watching last season with a bunch of my girlfriends and my roommates, we all decided to go out and see if they were casting in the area, found out that they were, and it turns out that I was actually one of the only ones out of our group that was able to go — everyone else ended up having work conflicts. I already had filled out all of the information and I was like, “I put way too much time to not go out there!” So I ended up going.

WP: Were you one of the women hoping it would be Chris Lambton or did you not care who the Bachelor would be?
Marissa: I think everyone kind of had some idea or hope that it would be Chris, especially after watching the season he was on. But once I found out that it wasn’t him I was definitely open to seeing who else it could possibly be, because you know, ABC is going to bring in someone that is definitely going to wow us.

WP: What was your reaction when you saw it was Brad?
Marissa: I wasn’t completely shocked. I think before we all went out there was some idea that it may be him. Nothing was for sure, so you kind of had it in the back of your mind that it possibly could be Brad. Once I saw him, it was at least someone I was familiar with, regardless of his backstory. I definitely know that he was a changed man. I wasn’t one of those girls that kind of came in expecting him to prove anything. I came in with a clean slate for him.

WP: How did you end up feeling about Brad? Were you falling for him or did you not have enough time yet with him?
Marissa: I definitely didn’t get a chance to see if there was a romantic connection with Brad. Him as a person, the qualities that he possesses, the man that he is — absolutely the type of man that I would want to be with and want to explore a romantic relationship with. I just never got that chance.

WP: When hugging you goodbye at the Rose Ceremony, Brad said “Please try and understand.” Do you understand why he let you go?
Marissa: Between he and I, I don’t think I quite did. Understanding in the grand scheme of things within the show, I did. You only have so much time to get to know women, certain women have to go every week and I understood that he was developing connections with some other women after he had the opportunity to. So I understood the bigger picture, but in regards to why I wasn’t kept on for a one-on-one date, no I didn’t quite understand.

WP: We saw you giving some notes to Brad, can you describe the notes? What was behind that?
Marissa: I wanted Brad to be able to see the softer side of me. He had made a comment to me that he knew that I was kind of a guy’s girl and I could hang with the guys, but he wanted to see that softer side of me. So, being out of my element, I tried to do something I would normally do to show that I am interested. He was very interested in the notes that I gave him. I was trying to show him a different side of me.

WP: Chris Harrison wrote in his blog that Brad also gave you a note.
Marissa: As I walked out he handed me a note as well.

WP: Can you share what was in it? I know it’s personal, but was it an explanation or just wishing you good luck in the future?
Marissa: It wasn’t really an explanation, but I’d definitely like to keep the note just a private matter between he and I.

Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group ©2010 Disney    

WP: Any regrets from anything you did or didn’t do on the show?
Marissa: Not at all. I absolutely had an amazing time getting to know Brad, spending time with him. If anything maybe I would’ve been a little more — let him see the softer side of me sooner.

WP: What was it like in the house with the other girls? Did everyone seem to get along OK?
Marissa: I had a great time with the girls. I think we all kind of joked around saying that there wasn’t going to be any drama because all of us got along so well! I love all the girls, everyone had a great time together. When we weren’t with Brad we definitely were enjoying each other’s company.

WP: I have to ask about Michelle. She’s coming off as crazy on TV, but in post-show interviews everyone says she’s really sweet and they’re surprised by what she says on air. What’s your take on her?
Marissa: I’m definitely in the same boat. I enjoyed Michelle and I had a great time with her. She’s funny, she was sweet in the house. But seeing the interviews [she does for the cameras on the show], it kind of maybe shows another side of her and you wonder which is Michelle. You don’t know if it’s the one that you saw on a day-to-day basis or the one that we’re seeing in interviews. It’s sad to see that maybe who I got to know might not be the whole picture to her. But my experience with her — she was great.

WP: Which of the girls do you think is best for Brad?
Marissa: That’s tough. I definitely think — just in my short time being there — I saw Ashley H. creating a great connection with him, and toward the end of my time I saw Chantal start to make a great connection with him as well. From day one with Ashley H., you could just tell — when he walked into a room he would make eye contact with her. They were just always kind of keeping track of each other. So I knew from the beginning that they had a strong connection, and then Chantal definitely started to step up and really be someone that he was drawn to toward the end of my time there.

WP: Who do you think is worst for him? Just not the best match, from the girls who are left.
Marissa: I didn’t see any romantic connections develop between Alli or Britt and Brad. I would definitely say that everyone’s favorites — Ashley H., Chantal O., Emily, and Michelle — they were definitely at the forefront of having connections with him. And everyone else was, you could see that maybe he was interested in them, but I didn’t really see a romantic connection with any of the other girls other than those four.

WP: Emily is becoming the favorite and America’s Sweetheart, but watching the show it doesn’t seem like there’s a romantic connection between her and Brad. It’s almost like he’s in awe of her, but he seems to have more of a connection with Chantal and Ashley. Did you feel that way too?
Marissa: Being there we don’t get to see inside his time with Emily, so we don’t know exactly how they’re interacting. So from the outside, while I was there, you definitely thought that they had this incredibly strong connection. And now seeing the show on TV, and actually being able to see their dates and see their interactions, yeah, I wouldn’t say that their romantic connection is as strong as some of the others. I would definitely say that he is intrigued by her, he’s fascinated by her, absolutely attracted to her — she’s gorgeous and she’s an incredible woman — but I definitely don’t see as strong of a romantic connection watching the show with Emily and Brad, as I do with some of the others.

WP: We also heard about the tattoos. You got a tattoo, along with the Ashleys and Lisa. Can you describe that outing? Did you guys just look at each other and say, “Let’s go!”
Marissa: Yeah, one day we were kind of talking about our tattoos that some of us had, some of us didn’t have any. [Marissa already had one tattoo on her lower back.] Someone just brought up how it would be great if we went and got tattoos. We get to Vegas and we’re able to go out and get tattoos by an amazing artist and had a great time doing it. It was definitely something that we all did to show our — I don’t want to speak for the other girls — to show my dedication to finding love, trying to find love with Brad and in the bigger scheme of things just staying true to who I am and wanting to give up everything, like I did, to go on the show to try and find love. So it’s kind of always a constant reminder of what I will sacrifice for love and just always keep that frame of mind.

WP: That’s great. Were you surprised that they didn’t air that on the show? I mean, Kasey Kahl did that whole thing last season and they made such a big deal out of it on The Bachelorette? Were you expecting to see that play out on TV too?
Marissa: Yeah, I definitely thought that. Without a doubt. How could you not show four girls going out — while Brad’s out on a date with another girl — getting tattoos? I was a little surprised that that didn’t make air, absolutely.

WP: Where is your new tattoo? It’s a rose, right?
Marissa: My tattoo is on my inner left wrist. It’s a white rose. I absolutely love it.

WP: Are you planning on being part of The Bachelor network — the parties and reunions and whatnot? Is that something you want to get involved in or are you moving on from all of this?
Marissa: No, I definitely want to get to know everyone that’s involved in The Bachelor family. I think being on the outside, seeing the way everyone is with each other, it is definitely a family atmosphere between all of the different seasons. So I’m absolutely looking forward to meeting everyone else, getting to know people, being able to go out on vacations and reunions...

WP: Is there anyone from past seasons of The Bachelor or Bachelorette that you’d like to meet?
Marissa: I think I’d be more interested and more excited to meet some of the women on past seasons of The Bachelor, just knowing how much fun they all seem to have with each other. They all just seem like a great bunch of girls and I’m definitely excited to meet some of them and make some, hopefully, new girlfriends.

WP: What advice would you give to someone thinking of applying for the show. Anything you wish you would’ve known ahead of time?
Marissa: I came into it with an extremely open mind. I was an open book. From day one I promised myself that I would jump in, put my emotions out there and be true to myself — and I think that’s just what everybody has to do. It’s not a game. If you’re going in as a game, you’re probably not going to be successful. So just go and give it your all, and if it’s right, it’ll end up working out.

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