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The Bachelor

Wetpaint Exclusive! Message to Chris Campoli: Gia Allemand Wants You Back

To say that Gia Allemand and Wes Hayden ended things on a bad note would be quite the understatement. And when we had a chance to chat with Gia at the Bachelor reunion and Bachelor Pad 2 casting event in NYC on Saturday, January 29, she wasted no time in bringing up Vienna. She also told us what she really felt about Jake, and how she wants us to help her get her old boyfriend back!

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Wetpaint: I have to say, I was shocked when Jake didn’t pick you, and then I was really hoping you would become the next Bachelorette.
Gia: Thank you! That means a lot to me.

WP: Would you have done it?
Gia: Yeah, yeah! For sure.

WP: Was there any real romance with you and Wes?
Gia: Yeah, there was.

WP: How long did you guys date after the show?
Gia: Um, not… For a little bit.

WP: Just didn’t work out?
Gia: Um, no. He… He’s, um, with Vienna. [Laughs]

WP: What’s dating been like since doing the show?
Gia: You know… God, it’s hard. I haven’t dated anyone, actually. I’ve been working a lot. I haven’t dated anyone. I’ve met a few people — we would talk on the phone, but when it doesn’t work on the phone, you know there’s no point of even taking it there.

WP: Is it harder to meet guys?
Gia: It is, it is. ‘Cause I never knew guys, like, watched The Bachelor. [Laughs] But apparently they all do, and they all know my ideal.

WP: So you had a boyfriend when you went on Bachelor Pad?
Gia: Yeah, I’m going to work on getting him back.

WP: Is that right?
Gia: Yeah. Write that, so he could see that! [Laughs] I wanna work on getting him back.

WP: What happened between you two?
Gia: I mean, nothing happened — I had a boyfriend on the Bachelor Pad, so obviously nothing… I didn’t cheat on him. But then after the Bachelor Pad, we broke up, and then on the finale, Wes and I kissed, and that was when everything went downhill.

WP: He didn’t handle that well, I’m guessing?
Gia: No. No, he didn’t handle it.

WP: Do you still talk to him?
Gia: A little bit. Not much. Very little. He’s still hurt.

WP: Did you have a real connection with Jake?
Gia: Yeah! I’m very easy to fall for someone. I just fall really quickly, and they cast really good-looking, nice guys, so you don’t put someone like me in that mix! Obviously, someone like me is gonna fall. I’m that person. [Laughs]

WP: Do you watch Brad’s season?
Gia: Yeah, I do.

WP: Who do you like?
Gia: I like Ashley, the nanny from New York.

WP: I love her, too.
Gia: She’s my favorite, so if she doesn’t win, she better be the Bachelorette.

WP: Do you know Brad at all?
Gia: No, I don’t know him, but I like him. He seems really sweet, genuine — like a good guy.

WP: Do you keep in touch with Ali?
Gia: I don’t, I don’t. We tweet here and there. [Laughs] Twitter!

WP: Did you have a good experience on the Bachelor Pad overall?
Gia: I think every experience is a learning one, so I learned a lot. I learned you can’t always trust everyone. I have to learn that. I’m still learning.