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Bones’ Daisy Wick: Adorable or Annoying?

Daisy Wick (played by Carla Gallo) constantly crosses the line between annoying and adorable. She inspires "aww" moments as many times an episode as she does "ugh" moments, and sometimes they even occur back-to-back.

Case in point: In Season 6, Episode 6 ("The Shallow in the Deep"), when Booth and Brennan walk in on Daisy doing the nasty with Sweets in his office, her embarrassment is kinda cute. Later, as Daisy is trying to explain to Brennan what she really saw (as if it needed an explanation), she suddenly turns obnoxious.

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That cute little voice is adorable, but the way she talks so fast and only stops to gasp for air so she can yak on some more? Annoying.

Being super smart? Adorable. Talking about how super smart she is? Annoying.

Admiring Brennan? Adorable. Acting as if she is Brennan? Annoying.

Perhaps the biggest part of her personality we should take into account is her relationship with Sweets. She seems conflicted in her feelings for him, especially when there is a choice between Sweets and her career. She left him at the end of Season 5 to go to Maluku, but she did come back and tell Sweets that she had made a mistake. Adorable. Yet instead of fighting for him, she contented herself with having casual sex with him. Annoying.

Bottom line? Daisy's voice, dress, and manner are grating, and her drive seems misplaced. Still when she scrunches up her face to admit that she's been wrong, it’s oddly aww-inspiring. You know those shirts that say 51% sweetheart, 49% bitch — don't push it? Daisy's would say 51% adorable, 49% annoying. Adorable edges out annoying... but just barely.

02.6.2011 / 03:20 AM EDT by Cherie Burbach
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