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Grey's Anatomy

Callie’s 10 Most Difficult Moments on Grey’s Anatomy

Accidentally becoming pregnant with a "mighty oak" of a child — and spazzing out about its health — is just the latest in a long line of difficulties in the life of Calliope Iphigenia Torres's life. Yes, Callie's is not a charmed life by any stretch of the imagination. To prove it, here's a chronology of her trying times.

1. Roomie rejection
When Callie first started dating George, both Meredith and Izzie took a strong disliking to her, especially when they witnessed her using the bathroom apparently without washing her hands. Sacre bleu! (Chill, germophobes. It turned out that she went downstairs to do so.)

2. Break-up with George
Meredith and Izzie came back to haunt Callie in the beginning of Season 3, when George repeatedly prioritized them over her. (Great best friend, lousy boyfriend.) So she asked him what he is to her, and when he couldn't answer, she made it simple: she's now his ex-girlfriend.

3. Izziegate
Callie and George reunited and even married — hooray! But then he found out that she's wealthy and turned to Izzie for consolation, eventually sleeping with her in a drunken tryst. He kept his indiscretion a secret for a while but then spilled the dirty truth, ending their marriage and, ultimately, Callie's affinity for men.

4. Demotion
The whole hospital was surprised — especially one Miranda Bailey — when the Chief picked Callie Torres for the position of Chief Resident. But heavy is the head that wears the crown, and Callie couldn't handle all the responsibility and tedium of the position, so the Chief made her into a resident of the non-chiefly persuasion.

5. Erica exits
Erica saw the leaves of lesbian-hood and promptly decided that Callie was no longer lezzy girlfriend material since Callie still defined herself as a bisexual. Cut the girl some slack, Erica! Clearly it was a non-issue for Callie's next (and final?) girlfriend Arizona.

6. Trust fund exits
When Daddy Torres came to visit Callie and met Arizona, he was none too pleased by his daughter's same-sex relationship. He told her that either she would move back with him to Miami or that he would cut her off from her trust fund. Callie chose the latter and accepted a life of non-affluence.

7. George dies
It's difficult to outlive a spouse, even an ex-spouse, but George's death was tragic in the extreme. And Callie was hit hard, hyperventilating when the news set in. There was that glimmer of hope when Lexie thought that the John Doe wasn't, in fact, George, but then Callie found his trademark Texas-shaped freckle and lost her composure all over again.

8. Off to Mercy West
Hell hath no fury like a Callie spurned from an Attending position. When she learned that the Chief didn't have an opening for her, she yelled at him, gave him an Addison-worthy "I am the best doctor in my field in the world!" rant, and took her talent to Mercy West. Yes, the self-imposed exile was short-lived because of the merger, but it still made a point.

9. Break-up with Arizona
The reason for this break-up was simple: Callie wanted kids, Arizona didn't, and they reached an impasse on the matter. But the stalemate was broken by Mr. Clark's rampage through the hospital, after which Arizona conceded her position if only to be back in Callie's warm embrace.

10. Break-up with Arizona, Part 2
Oh, but the reunion didn't last long. Callie decided to tag along when Arizona was offered the opportunity of a lifetime in Malawi, but she later dragged her (surely fashionable) heels. Arizona drastically decided to go to Malawi by herself, ending the relationship a second time. But now that Callie is pregs, it seems like there's a reunification in the works. Arizona just moved all Callie's stuff back into their old apartment. What's next for Callie? Stay tuned.

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