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Jersey Shore

The Jersey Shore Cast Attempts to Learn Italian

With a long-term Italian vacay coming up for the cast of Jersey Shore, they're rushing to brush up on their Italiano. Luckily, Vincenzo already speaks the language of his forefathers, but, unless he's planning on being the cast translator all season, the rest of the macaroni rascals better catch up.

A rep from Rosetta Stone has confirmed that the company's language-learning programs have already been sent out to Pauly D and Ronnie, but no word yet on how the girls are making out. That's probably fine. Boobs are an international language, right?

Says Ronnie of the genius, albeit surprising, move to shoot in Italy, "I think they're trying to calm Jersey Shore down a little bit... Maybe make it a little more cultural? Either that or they're just trying to get us all kicked out of Italy for the rest of our lives."

Feel free to start an office pool betting which cast member will get deported first.

Source: TMZ


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