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Top 3 Grossest Moments From Bones Season 6, Episode 12: “The Sin in the Sisterhood”

After the last two Bones episodes — where one body looks like Swiss cheese and the other loses her head — we were thankful to have a little less gore in “The Sin the Sisterhood.” But that doesn’t mean the ick-factor reached an all-time low. The polygamist’s body had been decaying for four weeks... and that wasn’t even the yuckiest thing. Read on for our picks for the three grossest moments from last Thursday’s episode.

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3. We think we speak for everyone
After watching “The Bullet in the Brain,” we admitted that we might have hit rewind once, or a dozen times, during the scene when the Gravedigger goes from serial killer to headless Heather. But the same can’t be said for one scene in particular from “The Sin in the Sisterhood”: Brennan dry-humping the table in front of poor Wentern. That’s one repetitive motion that doesn’t need repeating, unless Booth is on the other side of the reenactment.

2. Would that be Campbell’s or Knorr?
We were very thankful to only have to witness one dead body in last week’s episode. And the dead guy wasn’t even all that gross, considering he’d been lying in the cornfield for four weeks. But when the weather quickly changes from sunny skies to a sudden downpour, Cam yells out, “Let’s cover him up before he’s soup!” We could have done without the mental image of him as corn chowder. Eww.

1. A plus to being a vegetarian
We always try to learn something new every day, and last Thursday was no different. We just didn’t know the gross fact was going to come from Hodgins. After completing the so-called “feces program,” Hodgins reveals that the bird we enjoy over Thanksgiving — the common turkey — can turn a pecan into a rock via digestion. Pecan pie, anyone?

02.7.2011 / 10:17 PM EDT by Lisa Costantini
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