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Pretty Little Liars

Brant Daugherty Auditioned for Pretty Little Liars 3 Times

Getting a coveted role on Pretty Little Liars is hard to come by, but Brant Daugherty was determined to land a part. He first auditioned for Ezra, but was turned down because he was considered too young. Ironically Ian Harding got the part and Brant is a year older than him.

Several months after the PLL pilot was shot, Brant was called back to audition as Toby. Weird right? Brant explained to the University of Southern California’s talk show, Trojan Vision, that “it was a really fun audition actually. You just kinda get to creep on people.” Although Brant was disappointed about being turned down, he thinks Keegan Allen is the perfect for the part.

But as the saying goes, the third time is the charm! Brant was called back a week later to audition as Noel and actually read Sean’s lines while trying out. Brant explained, “I feel like I played almost every guy part on the show at some point.”

Thankfully the PLL producers found the perfect part for Brant, but can you imagine him as either Ezra or Toby? Even weirder, what if Brant and Jenna were step-siblings?

Read our own full-length interview with Brant Daugherty here.

Source: Trojan Vision


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