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David Boreanaz: “I Look Forward” to Booth and Brennan Together

We’ve heard it from a couple sources now that Booth’s current girlfriend, Hannah is set to leave the show — and soon. But will that make room for a Bones/Booth relationship? Luckily Special Agent Seeley is on the case. In a recent interview with On the Red Carpet, David Boreanaz answered the question fans have been asking since the beginning: Will we ever get to see Bones and Booth together?

“I think that you will,” he said. “I was thinking about that today, how that would affect the show, and I think in a show like this and the way these two characters relate to each other it might be interesting to see them actually do a season where they are together; and see how much fun we can have. I look forward to that.” So do we!

But it won’t happen before Valentine’s Day... or even soon after. Boreanaz added, “It’s not for a while.” Break our hearts, why don’t you?