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Exclusive! Britne Oldford on Her Skins Castmates: “We All Just Sort of Clicked”

WP: So if the Skins cast was a boy band, who would be the Funny One?
BO: Everyone is funny but Ron is the funniest, by far. Ron’s hilarious. Everything he says is funny.

WP: Have there been any pranks on set?
BO: Not too many pranks but we did have a surprise birthday party for Ron at Sofia’s. And that was lovely. He really didn’t know what was going at all until we were all like, “Surprise! Happy 20th Birthday!” It was so great. He had a great time.

WP: So the fashion on Skins is pretty striking. Would you dress like Cadie?
BO: I wouldn’t necessarily say that I would dress exactly like my character but I’ve found that whenever I go out shopping now, I pick out things that a bit more like Cadie. Like I was out with Sofia and Eleanor when we were in New York and it was totally not a Britne dress at all; it was definitely a Cadie dress. Usually I just wear my boots and I wear skinny jeans and like, funky shirts or knit dresses and stuff like that.

WP: Good classics.
BO: Yeah, really casual, kinda laid-back. Sometimes, pretty dynamic and funky. Really, whatever I feel like wearing, I guess.

WP: Any piece of clothing you can’t live without?
BO: My Jeffrey Campbell boots.

WP: Any fashion faux-pas? Anything you totally regret?
BO: Everything I wore up until the age of like 14? No, I’m just kidding. For a coffee house, it was a '90s themed so I wore denim on denim on denim and it was well suited but I do kinda regret that.

WP: So you mentioned that the cast bonded over music. We’ve heard that you’re pretty musical.
BO: I’d like to say so. I love music. Music has been a huge part of my life and always has been. I grew up listening to Celtic music and classic rock and classical from my mom and like jazz, which evolved later in life. I have this passion for it I guess. I sing a lot, excessively, sometimes. My brother will knock on the door sometimes and be like, “Britne, seriously? I love you but it’s 4 o’clock in the morning. Please stop.”

WP: And you play the ukele!
BO: I do!

WP: Why’d you pick that one up?
BO: I really want to play banjo actually and I’m thinking of getting one soon and teaching myself to play it. It was between the guitar, the ukulele and the banjo. The ukulele was so convenient and small that I thought I’d learn how to play that to start me off and get used to it because I’ve never played a stringed instrument.

WP: So the ukulele was like your gateway drug.
BO: Yeah. I fell in love. I have a baritone which is just smaller than a half-sized guitar and it’s my baby.

WP: Have you named it?
BO: No. I should! Frederick.

WP: Nice. Welcome Frederick. We heard that Daniel also plays.
BO: Yeah, Danny plays the guitar and the uke as well.

WP: Do you have Skins jam sessions?
BO: Laughs. Not really. Sometimes I play the uke and then pass it over and he starts jamming on it. Or sometimes we’d all be hanging out and he’d play guitar and we’d start singing.

WP: What are you listening to right now?
BO: The last song that I listened to before I went was “Are We There Yet?” by Ingrid Michaelson. I listen to pretty much everything from dubstep to jazz to folk to like, I don’t know. Everything.

WP: What’s your best getting ready to go out song? Like getting ready to go to a party. Or film a party scene.
BO: There are a slew of songs. It depends on what kind of party it is. If it’s a really intense, sort of great party, I’ll put on some crazy dubstep. If it’s a really fun, upbeat party, I’ll put on maybe “Cousins” by Vampire Weekend or some Yeasayer.

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Credit: Photo courtesy of MTV © and TM MTV Networks    

Britne Oldford isn't a crazy person; she just plays one on TV. On Skins, she’s Cadie, the character most likely to dismantle a small animal. But in real life, Britne is an oasis of calm and cool. She speaks softly and thoughtfully. She’s so cool that when describing her greatest irrational fear, she still uses words like “chillin’” and “hanging out.” Read on for the deets on Cadie, the Skins cast, and a little ukulele named Frederick.

Wetpaint: Hey Britne! Welcome to Wetpaint and thanks for hanging out with us! How have your holidays been?
Britne Oldford: Hi! My holidays have been great. Seeing family and friends and relaxing a little bit.

WP: So what were you doing before Skins came along?
BO: Before Skins, I was just hanging out, getting through my last year of high school, which I did successfully. And I was actually planning on going to theater school or culinary school but this came up so I decided to take a year off.

WP: Do you cook a lot in your spare time?
BO: Yeah, I love cooking. I actually just bought my first chef’s knife.

WP: We read an interview with you where you said that your character is one of the ones that changed the most from the UK show. Can you elaborate on that at all?
BO: Sure. Cadie and Cassie are still similar in some respects but I feel like Cadie is a lot more…I suppose…sad? She’s not as bubbly as Cassie is. She’s not going around going “oh, lovely, wow” all the time — which I loved actually. I loved that Hannah Murray did that. She’s supposed to be the parallel of Cassie but they are very different.

WP: Is the eating disorder storyline still in?
BO: It’s not right now. But anything could happen I suppose.

WP: When you were preparing for the role, did you watch the UK series?
BO: I watched the first season the night of my very first audition and I totally fell in love. I watched the second season and a bit of the third and the end of the fourth. We were told to stop watching it as soon as we got our roles because Bryan Elsley wanted us to give a true portrayal of what we thought our character should be and not mimic what we had seen previously.

WP: When you were watching it before you got the stop order, was there a character that you were like, “I wanna play that one?”
BO: To be honest, I would have loved to play Cassie. I love all the characters so if I were playing Jal, or rather Daisy, or Michelle, or now Tea — I would have been happy with anything.

WP: What about the character of Cassie/Cadie drew you to her?
BO: All the characters were very complex but there was so much subtle motivation behind everything she did. There was something that drew me to her and something I could relate to, like any young girl can relate to.

WP: We know the first episode is a remake of the first UK episode. Were you surprised at where the plots went later in the season?
BO: I’d say a little bit. Pleasantly surprised, mind you. I was a little bit surprised about where the plots went but excited because it sets up a lot of interesting things.

WP: So fans of the UK series can expect something different from this one?
BO: Definitely. There are only two episodes that are parallel to the British show. And I think. Give it a try, tune in, and I think people will like it.

WP: We’re getting good reports — it sounds like the previewed episodes went over super well.
BO: Yeah, I heard! That was lovely. We briefly heard that they were shown and we’re all really excited like, “hey, how did that go?” I actually forgot about that — thank you for reminding me. It put us all at ease for the time being at least.

WP: What was your first impression of the Skins cast?
BO: We all got along really well at first. We all just sort of clicked, especially on music. That was the one thing that spurred conversation at first, which developed friendships and what not, because we’re all pretty tight now. And some of us had been auditioning together so we had a bit of a chance to sort of get to know each other. I love them. I love them all.

WP: Ron said that you guys were like a family.
BO: Definitely. We hung out a lot outside of filming.

WP: He also said that you all lived in the same apartment building during filming.
BO: Yeah, most of us did. I did for the last month. But we all lived in the same two blocks and in the same building. Sometimes, we’d just knock on each other’s doors and be like, "Hey, wanna hang out?" That was really convenient.

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