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“I Like to Feel Shiny”: Castle Recap for Season 3, Episode 14: “Lucky Stiff”

We can tell by the opening music that this is a happier murder. An Old English Butler named Reginald comes upon a trail of one hundred dollar bills. Unfortunately, there’s a dead body at the end of it. Meanwhile, Martha finds out that her dead boyfriend Chet left her one million dollars. Of course he did. The moral of this story is...

Inherit Your Fortune, Don’t Win It:

The dead guy is Jay Hixton, who recently won $117 million in the Florida lottery. Inevitably, he moved to New York, spent the money frivolously, and watched his marriage slowly crumble. Also, his daughter Nicole got hooked on drugs. But now he has a single gunshot wound to the chest and $100,000 in cash missing, which probably makes other lottery winners feel pretty lucky about their teen addicts. The wound was made by a 9mm, but the gun next to the body is much bigger and seems to have belonged to Hixton.

Old English Butler Reginald, however, says that he never saw the gun in the apartment before, but knew Hixton kept the stolen money in a bag with a dye pack, which was set to go off on a three-minute timer. Hixton’s wife, meanwhile, says she and her husband grew distant because he spent his money on things like indoor basketball hoops, moon property, and a mausoleum for his neighbor, but that his recent volunteer work at a soup kitchen was bringing them closer. The soup kitchen manager says that Hixton gave out too many hundred dollar bills — really, it was getting out of hand — and that a strange man left the kitchen with Hixton the day of his murder, and...

Then An Avatar Shows Up at the Station:

Not really, but his face is blue, so James Cameron wins again. Todd Shipley is a maintenance worker in Hixton’s building and insists he found the dye pack bag on the ground just as the timer was going off. Shipley also says he saw Hixton at 11 p.m. the night of the murder, and that he was complaining about his car being stolen. Turns out Hixton actually gave the car to Sean York (the guy hanging around the soup kitchen). No money in the car, but there is a camera with weird surveillance photos of some guy on it.

Meanwhile, the team brings in a bad guy business man named Logan Meech, to whom Hixton had cut two $10,000 checks. Meech doesn’t really explain the checks too well, but says Hixton just bought a gun from him for protection. Why? Well, it seems that two of Hixton’s old buddies, Greg and Ty Paige, robbed the lottery winner in Florida just after he collected and were sent to prison on Hixton’s testimony. Oh, the twists and turns of friendship! The brothers headed to New York after being released, but...

Credit: ABC    

“You Got It All Wrong, Shorty. We Didn’t Kill the Man”:

In keeping with his theme of hasty decisions, Hixton called the Brothers Paige for assistance in strong arming his daughter Nicole’s drug dealer, “a cat named Oz.” Their photo of Oz matches the surveillance photos found in Hixton’s car. The aspiring rappers put Oz in the trunk, drove him under a bridge, and beat him up. Their parting words were to leave Nicole alone or they would throw him in the river. Oz retorted that they might as well drown him because he was going to burn them alive. Suddenly, the Brother Paige’s car blows up outside, so it seems like Oz was serious.

Back at the station, Nicole confesses to getting mixed up with the dealer again and says, “Dad is dead because of me,” which is probably a little bit true, sweetheart. Oz is a super stealthy drug dealer in the club scene, so obviously...

Castle and Beckett Go Undercover in Castle’s Ferrari:

Oh, and Beckett pretends to go in for a kiss while they’re in the club. Did everyone feel that giant step backwards? Anyway, she redeems herself by hilariously telling Oz, “I like to feel shiny” when trying to lure him in for the kill. During questioning, Oz admits to the car bomb, and even says he was at Hixton’s apartment the night of the murder, but swears he left because someone else was there. Someone in his 50s, proper looking, in a tuxedo... like an Old English Butler Reginald, maybe! Ryan then appears to conveniently report that Reginald resigned from a number of previous butler positions after valuables went missing. But wouldn’t you know...


The Butler Didn’t Do It:

Old English Butler Reginald stole two first-edition Dickens novels from his boss and then returned them the night of the murder. No big deal. What matters is that one time Hixton drunkenly confessed to Old English Butler Reginald that he stole the winning lottery ticket! Hixton figured that’s why his life got really awful. It might also explain why he compulsively gave things away. But from whom did he steal the ticket?

Let’s look at the numbers: 248194179. Those don’t help anybody, but then Castle remembers that Hixton bought a mausoleum for his Florida neighbor. The Florida neighbor is Hank Walters, who died of natural causes the day the winning numbers were called. Tough break, especially since that ticket was his. Anyway, Hixton took it. Hank’s nephew, Tom, lives in New York City, so maybe he killed Hixton. No...

It Was Sean York All Along:

Tom is pretty excited to be the potential heir to a fortune, but once a murder is involved, he’s like, “Um, Uncle Hank had a semi-son that he spent holidays with, and his birth date matches some of the numbers on the lottery ticket.” That semi-son is Sean York. They found the money in his apartment with traces of Hixton’s blood on it, which pretty much settles things. If he ever gets out of the clink perhaps he can attend...

The Martha Rodgers School of Acting:

With Chet’s money — the money she was so guilt-ridden over, she tried to give it back — Martha is opening this school (and treating herself to one faux-leopard coat). Martha never lets us down. Somehow, this makes Castle realize what he couldn’t figure out in the last 42 minutes. If Beckett ever won the lottery, she would honor her mother’s legacy. SO, Castle does just that and creates a scholarship fund in Johanna Beckett’s name. Come ON. Marry this guy.

P.S. Ryan told Esposito that he knows about Lanie. That’s about how far it went.

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