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Jersey Shore

Is Snooki Getting Married?!

Whoa. Wait. What? Rumors are swirling about the pint-sized guidette's alleged upcoming nuptials with her boyfriend, Jionni LaValle, but can it be true?

Not according to her Jersey Shore cast mates. Mike swears its a rumor, but even if Snooki was engaged, that she wouldn't tie the knot for a long time. They're too geared up about Season 4 in Italy to plan a wedding, silly! But, The Sitch definitely thinks Snooks will make a good wifey when the time is right.

As for Pauly D? He hasn't heard anything about a wedding, either, but he's calling dibs on spinning at the reception. "What?! She’s getting married? I didn’t know that!" he laughed. "I’m DJing the wedding then!"

We're pretty sure he's going to have to beat out DeadMau5 in a head-to-head spin-off if he's going to be Snooki's DJ. The flashing LED mouse-masked DJ is a well known fave of Snooks'. Who can beat the beat up harder? Well, Pauly's definitely trying to butter Snooki up. Asked if she'd make a good wife, he said, "She’ll definitely keep you entertained."

To say the least.

But, if you ask us, we're pretty sure this is just a rumor that's been stirred up because Snooki's going on a Valentine's Day vacay with her boyfriend. We doubt he's already put a ring on it.

Source: Access Hollywood


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