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Nikita’s Shane West Teases Percy/Michael Plot Twist

Shane West (Michael) has a special challenge on Nikita: playing a character who’s a remake of a remake of a remake. “His is a character who’s obviously been played by three other people,” he tells Digital Airwaves. “So I took a lot from some of those characters. If you look in my past, you can see a lot of similarities, but this isn’t a character I’ve played before, so that’s refreshing.

”But Shane says he relishes the challenge — In fact, it’s what drew him to the show. “I haven’t had a pilot season since Once & Again. There were three or four shows I could’ve done, but Nikita was the one that stood out to me because of the character. I loved [Roy Dupuis] and his take on it, but what I wanted to add to it was a little bit more heart and soul.” And chin scruff. Very key to the new interpretation of Michael, in our opinion.

Shane also says we’ll learn more about why Percy lets Michael get away with murder — OK, he lets everyone get away with murder, but he lets Michael get away with talking back. “Percy’s coming from a whole different world. He’s only half listening to Michael because while he knows Michael might be right, Michael’s speaking from the heart. Percy doesn’t think with his heart, he thinks from reality. There’s only so much he can listen to. But you’re going to find out very soon why Percy allows Michael to be as strong and sarcastic as he can be. He can get away with some stuff.

”But can he get away with a massive crush on Percy’s nemesis? We’re guessing Percy’s largesse only goes so far.

Source: Digital Airwaves

02.8.2011 / 11:38 PM EDT by Melinda Taub
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