Spoilers! Episode 17 Packs a Parent-Teacher Conference and Unexpected Relationships
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Pretty Little Liars

Spoilers! Episode 17 Packs a Parent-Teacher Conference and Unexpected Relationships

Rosewood isn’t a typical town and the little liars’ problems are far from average. By now “A” stalking and harassing the girls has become "The New Normal." However, maybe they shouldn’t get too comfortable: The next episode is full of surprises that aren't normal, even for Rosewood.

Parent-teacher conferences are coming up and that means trouble for Aria. We normally wouldn't be too worried about this, considering Ella already works at Rosewood High. However, ABC Family hints in a press release that something may happen when Byron sits face to face with the love of Aria’s life. Will Ezra be uncomfortable? Will Byron sense something strange is going on? Or will they get along, making Aria anxious over nothing?

ABC Family also asks what will happen “when another [little liar] reaches out to a tarnished innocent, when no one else will.” This is obviously about Spencer’s relationship with Toby, and it seems like she’ll be enamored by him. This unexpected relationship will continue to develop during the next episode, which, appropriately, airs on Valentine’s Day.

Supposedly “another little liar will be taken by surprise by an unpleasant person.” Paige shocked us last episode when she showed her sensitive side, so maybe she’ll open up to Emily even more.

Finally, “the last liar is getting too comfortable with someone she might not want to trust.” We’re guessing this is about Hanna and Caleb because they’re getting quite cozy. Last episode she invited him to sleep in her basement and he comforted her when she cried about Aria. He seems harmless, and actually helpful to Hanna, but is Caleb up to something? The other girls definitely don't trust him yet.

We doubt things will stay normal for long for our little liars.


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