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The Bachelor

Wetpaint Exclusive! Jessie Sulidis on Her Bachelor Pad Boys

Jessie Sulidis has the unlikely distinction of having appeared on all three shows: The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor Pad. She spoke about her experiences on each of them with us at a Bachelor reunion and Bachelor Pad 2 casting event in NYC on Saturday, January 29.

She also told us about the marriage proposals she’s received; explained what really happened between her and the various men in her life, including Kirk, Dave, and Jake; and had some harsh words for Brad Womack!

Wetpaint: I was a fan of yours on Jake’s season. Do you keep in touch with Jake at all?
Jessie Sulidis: No! I haven’t talked to him or seen him since the show — since “The Women Tell All.”

WP: Was there a connection between you two?
Jessie: Not at all. I think it was more of, like, a friendship.

WP: Tell me about Ali’s season [when you revealed that Rated R had a girlfriend]. Was that tough for you?
Jessie: Yeah, it was because obviously tonight’s the first time I’ve ever met Justin, since I got him kicked off the show. So what do you say to somebody? You’re like, “Oh, hi.” [Laughs.] But he’s a nice person, now that I get to know him in real life.

WP: Is he? Is he?
Jessie: He just made a bad decision. [Laughs.]

WP: What’s dating been like for you since the shows?
Jessie: I get the weirdest messages. I get marriage proposals. If you could have my Facebook password, you’d have a heyday with all the ridiculous requests that I’ve been getting.

WP: What’s the craziest you’ve gotten?
Jessie: I wish that I could just show it to you! It’s like, “Oh, Jessie, you’re the most beautiful person ever, and I want to go on a date with you, and I would never do you wrong, and I think you’re amazing!” And it’s one run-on sentence for this long. It’s awesome. But no, for actual dating, I don’t have a boyfriend, but I’m looking. 2011 is the year of the boyfriend for me!

WP: Were there feelings for Dave?
Jessie: There were at the time — not now. When we’re in the hot… He’s gorgeous — you can’t deny it. But not anymore, no.

WP: Was there a romance there?
Jessie: We saw each other for a bit after the show, but he lives in another country. I live in Canada, he lived here. We’ll always be friends.

WP: There are so many rumors about you. Was there something between you and Kirk [DeWindt, from Ali’s season]?
Jessie: Yeah, we went on a date. [Big laugh.]

WP: Okay. No chemistry?
Jessie: We went away for a weekend, actually. But I saw him more as a friend. This is the first time I’m seeing him since that weekend. I think I’m going to stay away from the whole Bachelor inter-dating. I think I’m going to find a nice guy in Toronto. [Laughs.]

WP: And you’ve got a lot going on. You’re hosting a show now?
Jessie: Yeah, it’s for CTV. It’s eTalk’s Rose Report. Craig [McKinnon, from Ali’s season] and I are actually the hosts of the show, so we do a talk-back of what we thought of The Bachelor the previous night. I’m also writing for TV Guide Canada — blogging for them as well. And on Valentine’s Day, Gia’s coming up to Toronto for Breakfast Television. We’re hosting a whole segment where people can call with their relationship questions, and for suggestions to do if you’re single for Valentine’s Day. She’s my Valentine date.

WP: Who do you think Brad’s gonna pick?
Jessie: Either Chantal or Emily. Those two are definitely going to battle it to the end, I can tell.

WP: Do you know Brad at all?
Jessie: No, I don’t.

WP: What do you think of him?
Jessie: I think he’s good-looking — maybe not the smartest!

WP: Ouch!
Jessie: [Laughs.]

WP: Do you think he deserved a second chance?
Jessie: I think everybody deserves a second chance.

WP: That’s diplomatic!
Jessie: And it’s something different. They’ve had all types before already. I clearly got bored of recycling. Even though it recycled from before, it’s something different, something new.

WP: Which Bachelor has the best abs?
Jessie: I’d have to say either Brad or Jake.

WP: Not a Kiptyn fan?
Jessie: Yeah, but he’s too short.

WP: Is he?
Jessie: [Laughs.] That just ruins it for me.

WP: Who else are you close with from the show?
Jessie: Me and Dave have always been friends. Him, Kovacs — I call them “Dumb and Dumber.” [Laughs.] Gia, Ashley Elmore. A lot of us.

WP: Do you keep in touch with Ali at all?
Jessie: No, I haven’t talked to her since the show. But I like her choice in men! [Laughs.]

WP: Will we see Ali and Roberto getting married anytime soon?
Jessie: Yeah, I think so. If she doesn’t, I’ll scoop him up. [Laughs.] I love him.

WP: So life’s been good?
Jessie: It’s just been great. It’s been kind of crazy with all these new opportunities being thrown my way, so I’m taking each door as it opens.