5 Things We Learned About Love From Bones

After watching Brennan and Booth, Angela and Hodgins, and all the other Bones characters fall into and out of love, we couldn't help but pick up a few lessons on romance and relationships. Shakespeare once said that the course of love never did run smooth, and never has that been more apparent than on Bones. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, here are five things our fave show has taught us about love.

1. When you get dumped, take it like a man and move on

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Sure, we don't want Booth to end up with Hannah, but we can't blame him for wanting to move on, either. He spent five years afraid to tell Brennan that he loved her, so he wasn't about to spend five more waiting to see if she would change her mind. He was bummed she said no, but he took it like a man and started a new relationship with Hannah. Will it last? Who knows. Nothing is ever certain, but at least Seeley Booth is living his life and not sitting on the sidelines.

2. You shouldn't always listen to what other people say

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Other people's opinions don't sway Lance Sweets, because he's confident in his own skin. He knows Daisy bugs the heck out of everyone else, but he loves her and doesn't apologize for it. Instead, he encourages Daisy to try to understand why she rubs people the wrong way and also asks the squints to give her a second chance. Daisy is trying to be a better person for her Lancelot. (In our opinion, she's got a ways to go, but he loves her and that's all that matters.)

3. Sometimes a breakup makes your relationship stronger

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When Angela and Hodgins break up, they're both still in love with each other. It's one of those breakups where things end, and neither person really knows why. But the time apart does them a world of good, because when Angela thinks she might be pregnant with Wendell's baby, it only brings her and Hodgins closer together. (And being forced to spend time in a jail cell makes them realize they're meant for each other. Not terribly romantic, but that's the way life is sometimes!)

4. Don't settle for a copycat version of your true love

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When Booth's brother Jared comes to town, he and Brennan have an instant attraction. She allows herself to get sucked into his charm, because in a sense he is a "safe" version of Booth: She doesn't work with him and he's got some of Booth's (handsome) DNA. Still, he isn't the real Seeley. She sees this soon enough — before she can fall for brother Booth.

5. Sometimes you have to take a chance

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When Booth finally takes a chance and admits to Brennan that he loves her, he sets in motion a series of events he doesn't fully expect. Granted, he never thought Brennan would completely shut him down. On the other hand, Brennan eventually admits that she made a mistake in poo-pooing his declaration of love. Regardless of what happens between the two partners, Booth is glad he took a chance. Doing so allowed him to move on, and if he and Brennan get on the same page at some point in the future, it will be because Booth was brave enough to take the first step.

02.9.2011 / 04:27 AM EDT by Cherie Burbach
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