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Ashley Fink Talks Glee’s Valentine’s Day Episode, Love Triangles

When you watch “Sily Little Love Songs” tonight you’ll get to see a lot more of Ashley Fink than ever before. The newest Glee star plays Lauren Zizes, and she’s got a coming out party tonight.

“What happens in the Valentine’s Day [episode]? There’s some serenading. Not necessarily by me. There’s a pretty epic altercation, which is one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. And there’s maybe, possibly, a throwdown. But Lauren runs the gambit in that episode. I think the glee club is something new for her in a way. It opens her heart a little.”

Ashley says that her “altercation” may or may not include Santana. “She’s kind of territorial, and she can be…kind of scrappy. And Lauren’s a wrestler, so God only knows what could happen there.”

Also, Lauren plans on hatching some sort of scheme in the coming weeks. “But around the Valentine’s Day episode, or the one after that, she hatches a plan, and it definitely involves some of the glee clubbers. And they all get into a little bit of trouble. But not necessarily from her! She goes full throttle into the glee club, and I actually think it’s great. There’s a camaraderie she finds, and it’s sweet in this weird way. It’s very sweet, and I’m excited.”

Source: Vanity Fair

02.9.2011 / 06:29 AM EDT by Christopher Rosen
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