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Pretty Little Liars

Awesome PLL Spoilers! Shocking Romances and Ridic Rumors

A parent-teacher conference and Toby and Spencer’s budding relationship make us intrigued about the upcoming February 14, 2011 episode of Pretty Little Liars (Season 1, Episode 17). But, wait until you hear what else will happen. Although the episode is called “The New Normal,” we can pretty much guarantee it won’t be a normal day in Rosewood.

MuchMusic’s sneak peak shows Paige kissing Emily, which we weren’t expecting! One second Paige was teasing Emily for being gay and trying to drown her, then the next she’s apologizing in the rain and trying to kiss her. So intense! How will Emily react to this? Will she help Paige since she can relate? Will Emily be interested in her? And what about Maya? We smell dramz!

Meanwhile, Ezra tells Bryon that he’s taking Ella out on a date! Ezra was probably trying to protect his relationship with Aria, but this is bound to complicate things, especially since Ella and Byron are sneaking around. Either way, it sounds like Ezra is headed for trouble.

Hanna and Caleb seem to be getting close and despite her friends' advice that he’s dangerous, Hanna is drawn to him. Um, what about Lucas? We missed him last episode.

Speaking of newly formed relationships, Spencer and Toby are getting serious. They even go stargazing at the top of a mountain in the next episode. And based on Executive Producer Marlene King's clues, it’s only a matter of time until Spencer sleeps with him. Jenna's gonna be jealous...

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Music From Season 1, Episode 16

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