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Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore Season 3 Spoilers: The Claws Come Out…Again

Easing back into things in Seaside Heights has been pretty gentle thus far, but we've still got half a season of Jersey Shore to go, and things are definitely going to get wilder.

In a predictable, but somehow still irresistible, turn, Ron and Sam get into another brawl. Shocker, we know, but this one looks particularly intense, and results in Sammi leaving the house for a night and staying in a hotel. The cause behind the fight? Sexting! Well, and The Situation stirring the pot. When Arvin, one of his friends from home (apparently, a friend of Sammi's, too), meets up with Sam at a club, he shows Mike the kinds of texts he's been getting from Sammi, and Mike, always looking out for his boy (and by "his boy," we mean "ratings"), chooses to tell Ron about it. Of course, Sam admits that she's giving Ronnie a taste of his own medicine grinding on randos at the club, but insists nothing ever happened between her and Arvin...until Mike busts them for making out. The claws come out. It's ugly. Just watch.

Vinny drunkenly makes a pact with Snooki not to bring a girl home if she asks him not to, in case she wants to snuggle. Obviously, don't make promises you can't keep at the Shore. Tears ensue, but the best part of this story line is that we get to watch Snooki deal with having real feelings for someone in the house.

Even resident tough girl JWOWW gets screwed over when Roger "pulls the dip" on her, AKA, avoids her when she spots him out. Her reaction? Shut it down.

Oh, and there's a good, old-fashioned prank war that involves Snooki's fave stuffed croc hanging from a noose, "the cheese bed," and Mike calling the girls a cab and sending them to Times Square instead of out for girl's night in Seaside.

Plus, a backed up toilet.

Oh, what a season it's shaping up to be.