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The Bachelor

Rumor Patrol: Chantal O’Brien Cheated on Ex-Husband With Police Officer?

No one comes into The Bachelor with a squeaky clean past. The show just doesn’t attract the real Mother Teresas of the world. (Sorry, Emily Maynard.) Brad Womack’s The Bachelor Season 15 is all about giving everyone a second chance, and it sounds like Chantal O’Brien may really need hers.

We know Mercer Island, Washington, resident Chantal is divorced from her alt-rocker husband, Jason Vena. Recent rumors had her trying to reconcile with him before going on The Bachelor. But according to Star Magazine (via Starcasm), Chantal and Jason divorced after she had an affair with a police officer:

Star can exclusively reveal that Chantal’s marriage crumbled because she had a torrid affair with a cop! ‘They met at a grocery store,’ says an insider. And where was her husband? ‘He was on vacation with her dad!’ the insider reveals. She soon filed for divorce and moved in with the policeman. ‘Her family really disapproved, and ultimately they broke up,’ adds the insider.”

Spoiler King Reality Steve weighed in on the attempted reconciliation and affair rumors in this week’s blog:

“I wanted to point out something that was brought to my attention regarding this Chantal speculation about her still chasing after her ex-husband up until the day she left for the show. Sure, I’ve been hearing that for three months now, and it’s come from more than a few people. I wouldn’t easily dismiss that at all, and in fact, I have more reason to believe it’s true than it isn’t.

“However, what’s continually been asked to me is, ‘If that’s true, why wouldn’t her ex-husband just come out and say it and throw her under the bus?’ Well that’s very easy to answer. Because Chantal’s ex-husband still manages one of her dad’s dealerships. You honestly think THAT guy is gonna talk to a tabloid and say, ‘Yeah, well she ruined our marriage because she cheated on me with a Mercer Island police officer, then once they were done, she came running back to me. I hate her for ruining what we had then coming back to me after realizing she’d messed up and wanting a second chance.’ Uhhhh, no. The guy would lose his job in a heartbeat. You think Mike O’Brien is gonna let his former son-in-law trash his daughter publicly? Of course not. So just because it’s not her ex-husband saying these things publicly, don’t think it’s not people who know what they’re talking about. These were the same people contacting me three months ago telling me all this, which is why I said back then, ‘Hey, if these people are telling ME things about these contestants, don’t think they’ll hesitate to tell it to the tabloids.’”

Steve isn’t buying the whole Chantal love story on the show.

“Her marriage ended because she cheated, was finalized in Dec. of 2009, then wanted her ex husband back all the way up til leaving for the show in Sept. of 2010, and now four weeks into filming she’s telling Brad she loves him? Please. This chick is strictly out to win a competition and for attention. I don’t buy any of it, and ultimately, I don’t think Brad will either. Then again, these two might be two peas in a pod and deserve each other. Who knows?”

Yes, who knows. But we can hope for the best. After all, Brad has a bit of a rocky past himself, so who better for him than someone who has her own issues to overcome?

Sources: Starcasm, Reality Steve