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The Vampire Diaries

Stefan vs. Damon: The Battle for Elena in Season 2, Episode 13, “Daddy Issues”

Love is war. And the Salvatore brothers are fang-deep in its trenches. Both Stefan and Damon want Elena, but officially Stefan is the only bloodsucking brother with the “boyfriend” tag. However, sometimes to whom Elena holds allegiance is not so clear. Who won the battle for Elena’s heart this week?

This week’s winner is... Stefan.

Damon is broken. (Again.) Meanwhile his lil’ bro keeps stepping up to the plate. Yes, we’ve gotta say Stefan’s Save Elena campaign gets a bit annoying at times. But we’ve also got to admit that’s mostly our jealousy talking. The nice Salvatore doesn’t take a step without thinking of how it will affect his girlfriend Elena. And now it seems his devotion has spread to her besties. Seriously. Stefan was so sweetly attentive to Caroline this week that we felt it in our chests. And, when he rallied the troops for a girls’ night in to cheer Caroline up, then mouthed “I love you” to Elena… double sigh. As far as good-guy vamps go, Stef is the best.

02.9.2011 / 05:36 AM EDT by Rochell D. Thomas
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