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Gossip Girl

Top 5 OMG Moments From Gossip Girl Season 4, Episode 14: “Panic Roommate”

Most of the Gossip Girl gang landed on top this week, with new jobs, new loves, and new roommates who are newly paroled. Despite the relative lack of dramz, there were still a few twists that made us sit up and take notice. Read on for our faves.

5. Raina uncovers Chuck’s deception
We’re still not clear on how Russell uncovered what Chuck was up to. Or perhaps no one tipped him off at all, because it was just completely freaking obvious. Isn’t this Raina girl supposed to be smart? How did she not see what Chuck was doing?

4. Serena and Ben kiss
Ugh. This is the creepiest boyfriend Serena’s ever had. And she’s dated her professor, a married senator, and her stepbrother, so that’s saying something.

3. Blair gets promoted
Realistic? No. Deserved? Absolutely. B was born to rule the fashion world, so why postpone the inevitable? Aside from that whole pesky college education thing, of course.

2. Damien friend-dumps Eric
Damien took Little J’s emotional virginity and nearly killed Serena by proxy. Is it weird that the thing that most made us want to hit him was when he coldly brushed off Eric?

1. Dan and Nate tattle on Damien
Finally, some consequences for Gossip Girl’s resident Eurotrash. Yay, his dad’s going to cut him off! Although wait — isn’t he a drug dealer? We thought those guys made a good living.

02.9.2011 / 06:10 AM EDT by Melinda Taub
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