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The Bachelorette

Wetpaint Exclusive! Kasey Kahl Talks Tattoos

Who would have thought that Kasey Kahl (he of the impulsive tattoo on Ali’s season of The Bachelorette) would actually seem pretty friendly and — dare we say it? — normal. We caught up with Kasey at a Bachelor reunion and casting event for Bachelor Pad 2 in NYC on Saturday, January 29, to find out how he feels about the tattoo today.

He also revealed what he did while hanging out with Chris Lambton just last week, as well as the circumstances under which he would be willing to get another tattoo for a girl.

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Wetpaint: Gotta ask about the tattoo.
Kasey: For sure. [Laughs]

WP: Girls you’ve met since the show, do they have reactions to it?
Kasey: Yeah, you get all kinds of reactions; there’s all kinds of different things, ‘cause they don’t know. They don’t know that it’s just who I am and what I believe in and how I hold it in a different esteem, and this is for me. This is for who I am and what I stand for. They just kinda think, “Oh, it’s a crazy guy that got a tattoo for a girl.” No, I got it to be who I am, and actually enjoying what I say.

WP: So no regrets?
Kasey: Absolutely not.

WP: Would you get another tattoo for a girl?
Kasey: No, I would never get a tattoo for a girl.

WP: You’d never do it again?
Kasey: No.

WP: What’s your dating life like these days?
Kasey: [Pauses.] You know, and actually, I might get a tattoo for a girl.

WP: You might?
Kasey: Together. Now that would be different. If I had a girl, I would definitely like to get a tattoo.

WP: You’d like to know her longer than you knew Ali? Is that what I’m getting?
Kasey: Yeah, exactly. So we both would get one. I think that would be awesome. That’d be totally cool.

WP: So has being on the show changed your dating life dramatically?
Kasey: You know, it has. It’s made me a lot more discerning and picky about who I want to allow into my heart and into my life. Because it’s one of those things where I don’t know — I don’t know if they want me for just me, or if they want me because of the TV show.

WP: Who have you been watching the current season of The Bachelor with?
Kasey: Actually, I watch it just at a local bar, hang out with my buddies, and just do this and do that. I was with Chris L. last week, and we were out there in Boston together, and we were watching it on Monday, so it’s just like, if we get a chance, we’ll watch it.

[Ed. note: Chris L., you liar, you! In our interview with him the same evening, he claimed he wasn’t watching Brad’s current season. “I didn’t watch his first season, his second season, and I’m damn well not watching his third season,” he said.]

WP: Who else do you keep in touch with from the show?
Kasey: [Fellow Season 6 contestant Ty Brown walks by.] Buddy Ty Brown, the man himself! Craig R. Chris is real close. Pretty much everyone from our show except for “Rated R.”

WP: Who do you think Brad’s going to choose?
Kasey: I think he’s going to choose the right person. I think he’s finally up in his head, “I’m gonna come back for the second chance, I’m gonna find the right girl, the right one, and I’m gonna make a decision.” So maybe Emily, maybe Ashley, I don’t know. I think he’s got a tough choice, but I think he’s gonna make a good one.

WP: Did you really make a connection with Ali?
Kasey: It’s hard to say because the emotions, when you’re on something like that, you’re on your platform, you’re putting your heart out there, you don’t really know if you can actually can truly connect. I wanted to. I don’t know because she was trying to connect with 25 other people. So if she were to connect with me? You’d have to ask her that.

WP: What else has been going on with you?
Kasey: I did start a nonprofit for children. It basically took a positive spin on the whole “guard and protect hearts” thing, my famous line. And it’s Guard and Protect Hearts, Inc., and we’re doing all kinds of fun stuff for events and holding sponsorships for kids. And it’s a unique nonprofit for any kind of kids — not folks in a niche, just any kind of family in need. We’re actually doing a huge, huge, huge event — a fashion show with Gia, Natalie, Ty, everyone else is gonna come out and be a part of the fashion show.

02.9.2011 / 06:32 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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