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Castle Power Rankings From Season 3, Episode 14: “Lucky Stiff”

We’d love an episode of Castle that brings Martha and Ryan together to hang out, but until that day comes, we’ll settle for uniting them here. Let’s take a closer look at how two of our faves used their power in very different ways this week.


A new definition of power might be getting a million dollar check in the mail from a guy you almost dumped. Right there on the kitchen counter, mixed in with the Netflix and the cable bill, was the late Chet’s final present to our dear Martha. “The memory of him caught me by surprise,” she said while opening it, since she probably hasn’t thought of that poor soul once since his trip to the great beyond.

Martha went shopping, of course, but the leopard coat is the only thing that overrode her guilt. Chet died before she could break up with him; how could she also keep the salmon-colored leather gloves and salmon-colored rock necklace? No, she had to do the right thing: commission a portrait of Chet to hang in a school she named after herself. We can only hope The Martha Rodgers School of Acting becomes a real place, like Harry Potter World for Castle fans, with a red wine fountain in every hallway.


Wherever there’s a Jenny, there's a guy who's upset with her for making his friend lame. Esposito thought it would be fun to give Ryan the business about the couple’s winery dream while hanging out in the car waiting for bad guys: “Your fiancée really has done some damage on you, bro.” But Ryan had the trump card in his back pocket! “Like Lanie hasn’t changed you?” Apparently, Esposito, like us, thought this revelation was going to come in a much more elaborate, convoluted way, and so he was only left to sputter and ask if Castle and Beckett knew, too. Esposito was sitting in the driver’s seat, but it was kind of hard to tell after that.

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