Nikita Spoiler! Will Kasim Return to Take Down Michael?
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Nikita Spoiler! Will Kasim Return to Take Down Michael?

What keeps a good guy like Michael in an evil job? Shane West (Michael) says it’s all about revenge.

“The true thing that's making him not listen 100% to Nikita and to his own heart is the revenge factor,” he tells IGN. “He joined to get Kasim, because if he gets Kasim, then he has avenged his wife and his daughter and he can actually move on. Maybe he can retire! Who knows? But until that's done, he can't think about a relationship and he can't completely process what Nikita is telling him in each and every episode.”

But it seems like he may not have long to wait — the object of his vengeful longings will soon return. “I can tease that Kasim will appear again this year, which we're actually shooting right now. It's going to be a very interesting episode.”

Not that Michael and Nikita will kiss and make up just yet. “They'll be another action sequence upcoming where they run into each other again unexpectedly and they fight together, back to back, and it's a lot more incredible than the one you just saw.”

What else can we expect? More creepy spy dad! “There's going to be some great flashbacks upcoming. We have a lot with Alex too, when she was a kid, and those flashbacks with her father are going to truly come to an amazing end that I don't think anyone is going to expect.”

Despite his inside info, Shane has as many questions as answers. “There's all sorts of talk. Like how's it going to end? Is Division going to be split? Is Michael going to finally join Nikita? Or are they going to run Division? Now there's Gogol and the whole Russian side of it. Is there going to be a three-way action piece towards the end? Could it be four? What happens with Alex? And yeah, if Michael and Nikita get together, do they bring along Birkhoff? Because they need that help with the computers and information.”

Huh. In all our wondering about how this life or death struggle will shake out, “Who will get custody of Birkhoff?” never really crossed our minds.

Source: IGN

02.10.2011 / 10:44 PM EDT by Melinda Taub
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