Rumor Patrol: Did ABC Pay Michelle Money to Play Bachelor Villain?
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The Bachelor

Rumor Patrol: Did ABC Pay Michelle Money to Play Bachelor Villain?

Which scenario makes the most sense?

A. Michelle Money is just naturally dramatic, and everything we’re seeing on The Bachelor is her personality coming out organically
B. Michelle knew she would get lots of camera time if she played up her antics, so she amped everything up to get attention and possibly promote her acting career.
C. Michelle is the victim of an unfortunate editing job.
D. Michelle is being paid by ABC to play the Season 15 “villain.”

If you picked D, you may be wrong — who knows — but you’d fit right in with the rumors circulating in the Bachelor mill.

ABC4, Michelle’s hometown station in Salt Lake City, did a story on her, and the comments under that story are quite juicy. Of course, anyone can say anything with total anonymity on a message board, but people are really going after Michelle. The hometown commenters mentioned the Carlos Boozer affair well before Michelle came out to confirm it, adding that she thought Carlos was separated from his wife at the time.

One commenter, “purlgirl,” wrote on January 25: “More than her personal life (and i have heard a lot worse than what I have read here)...I wish the investigative journalist of ABC4 would dig into the fact or fiction that she was paid to be on the Bachelor? I have heard from numerous people that she has been seen attending recent Jazz games where she has personally told other spectators that she was ‘paid’ to act like that on the show!?! I realize it is a ‘reality’ show and the directors have certain liberties to keep the ratings up. However, if there was anyway she was paid the show that already lacks credibility would loose that much more. But more than that, wouldn't she be in huge violation of her contract...”

Starcasm is also adopting the rumors, starting a new story on Michelle by writing, “Michelle Money, a 30-year-old hair stylist and actress from Salt Lake City, Utah, seems to be going out of her way to be the villain on this season of The Bachelor, a possibility backed up by recent rumors that she told friends she was paid by ABC to act that way. (Much like Justin “Rated R” Rego from the last season of The Bachelorette.)”

Starcasm also found out a bit more about Michelle’s ex, Ryan, from his now-defunct blog

“My first real job was as a bagger at Reams Grocery Store. Before that job I had spent many hours working at my Grandpa’s business (Peak Dist.). I graduated with a business education from Westminster College. While going to school I started a painting business, worked for HP and became a Founding Partner of I am the managing partner of a franchise in Park City, UT. Now I am working with, easily one of the most exciting technologies to come out of Web 2.0.”

When emailed for a response to the rumors that Michelle was paid by ABC to play a part on the show, a Bachelor publicist wrote that that she was trying not to laugh — but that ABC had no comment. Hey, it’s the least crazy scenario out there!

Sources: ABC4, Starcasm

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