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American Idol

Tears and Transformers: Recap of American Idol Season 10, Week 4, San Francisco Auditions

Julie Zorrilla, 20
Fact facts: A student from Los Angeles; originally from Columbia; wore gorgeous, sparkly shoes that J.Lo loved; auditioned on her birthday; possibly a long lost Kardashian sister
Sad story: Her family was living the good life in Columbia until things got violent, with rebels going after their money. With no jobs lined up and two children to support, her parents fled Columbia and moved to America when she was 8.
What she sang: “Summertime,” the song Fantasia wowed the judges with in Season 3
Voice style: Pop with a lot of soul
What the judges thought: Steven said, “Fabulous, beautiful, great range and great star quality… and I like your shoes.” Jennifer said, “I love the way you were planted on the ground. It shows that you’re a performer and have confidence.” Randy said, “It really worked.”

Clint Jun Gamboa (Nickname: Junebug), 20
Fast facts: From Long Beach, CA; karaoke host; the type of guy we want to party with
Sad story: Well, Junebug didn’t really have a sad story to tell — maybe the saddest thing about this guy was that he was still working in a karaoke bar with all of this talent.
What he sang: “I Want to Be a Billionaire,” by Travie McCoy
Voice style: A fusion of hip-hop and R&B
What the judges thought: Randy said it was one of the best he had seen in San Francisco. Steven said, “The way you sang that song was brilliant.”
Credit: Michael Becker/FOX    
Emily Anne Reed, 26
Fact facts: From Arlington, VA; barista; guitar-playing singer-songwriter type
Sad story: Her home caught on fire the week before she auditioned for Idol. She lost most of her stuff (poor thing), but she was still determined to rebuild her life.
Voice style: Quirky, unique, “old-timey”
What the judges thought: Jennifer said, “Probably the most interesting voice we’ve heard in eight cities… There’s nothing like it.” Steven said, “I like your old-timey voice but your melody was a lot to be desired.” Randy added, “I liked your voice.”
Credit: Michael Becker/FOX    

We’d tell you more about awesome singers Brittany Mazur, Lara Johnston, and Matthew Nuss, but they didn’t get any camera time except for a few verses. (Why must you tease us so, American Idol?!) And as for the worst singers, they included:

• Inessa Lee, a Ukranian dancer/singer who makes sexy videos for YouTube and compared herself to an early Madonna, Kylie Minogue, and Katy Perry. “I can be anyone you want,” she said. Too bad the judges didn’t “want” her to be the next American Idol.

• Drew Beaumier, a bartender/transformer from Fountain Valley, California, who showed up in a pretty impressive car costume that he designed. When dude started singing “Get your motor running, get out on the highway…,” we almost spit out our Pepsi.

That’s it, folks. Bring on Hollywood Week!


Ryan Seacrest started this week’s San Francisco audition show — the final auditions of Season 10 — by reminding us that the City By the Bay is where Adam Lambert was discovered back in Season 8. And we couldn’t help but hope that there’s another Glambert waiting somewhere in the crowd — someone who would at least give us something to tweet about. Well, there wasn’t another Adam, but the judges did discover Stefano Lagone, Clint “Junebug” Gamboa, James Durbin, and some other promising singers that we can’t wait to tell you about. (Oh, and you should know that most of them have some seriously sad stories, so we hope you have some Kleenex handy.)

Credit: Michael Becker/FOX    
Stefano Lagone, 21
Fast facts: From Kent, Washington; unemployed cutie!
Sad story: He was involved in a horrible car accident in 2009 that left him unable to walk. But with a bit of determination, he was back on his feet in just four months.
What he sang: “Heard It Through The Grapevine” by Marvin Gaye
Voice style: Pop, R&B
What the judges thought: J.Lo told him, “You have star quality… You have movie star good looks and then on top of it, your voice has a nice tone to it.” Steven said, “You survived that accident for a reason. And I'm about to tell you why. You're going to Hollywood.”
Credit: Michael Becker/FOX    
James Durbin, 21
Fact facts: From Santa Cruz, CA; unemployed; father of a young son
Sad story: He was diagnosed with Tourette’s and Asperger’s syndromes when he was child. His musician father died when he was 8. He was teased and bullied at school for being different. Then he met an “angel” named Heidi at a bar, and the two now have a child together. He is unemployed and there are times when the couple can’t even afford diapers for their son.
Voice style: Rock — with incredible range!
What the judges thought: Jennifer said, “You go away when you sing.” Randy piped in, “I like you man. I like your voice. My god, what a range.” Steven said, “That was over the top. It was so, so good.” And we couldn’t help but agree!

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