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The Bachelor

Chris Harrison: Brad Is Becoming Confused and Frustrated by Michelle (Get in Line, Man!)

Rosemaster Chris Harrison is determined to find a bright spot in Michelle Money’s behavior. In his Entertainment Weekly blog on The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 6, Chris hints at her good side.

“I know there seems to be quite a bit of animosity between Michelle and the other ladies and to a certain degree there is, but she was very helpful to the other ladies in Costa Rica. Being a hairstylist and seeing as how we were in a hot humid forest, she had her work cut out for her. She was flat-ironing, styling, and braiding all week.”

So that cute braid we saw in Emily Maynard’s hair? That was Michelle’s doing. Maybe that’s the real reason why she’s on the show.

But Chris is not done talking about our favorite Season 15 villainess:

“Let’s deal a little bit with Michelle. She is easily the most talked about woman this season and the woman I get asked the most about. Up to this point she has been very careful about how she’s been playing Brad, but this week he started to see through that. For the first time, Brad seemed less intrigued and turned on by her and more confused and even a little frustrated. As for her late night visit, Michelle waited until all the other girls had gone to sleep before she quietly snuck out. Again the entire property was ours so it wasn’t difficult for her to find his place, which was just above their suite.”

And yet Brad still kept Michelle over two nice girls, who also happen to be scaredy-cats. So “less intrigued and turned on” does not equal not intrigued and turned on. Brad was simply lukewarm about Alli and Jackie.

The f-bomb: “The two women who were sent home this week pretty much fell into the same category: ‘friends.’ As Brad explained on his date, Alli is a great woman but Brad just knew there just wasn’t that spark or that deep connection that he already has with some of the other women. Jackie also fell victim to this.”

Brad has a clear vision? “The further this goes and the more serious it gets, the more you can see the changes in Brad. The way he called Michelle on her B.S. or the conversation with Emily is a good example of how he now confronts situations head on. This is a much improved man with a clear vision of what he now wants and it was good to see this side of him because it gets much, much tougher from here on out.”

“A very pivotal episode” is coming: “As confused as some of the women were about Costa Rica, Brad really threw them for a loop when he told them we were going to Anguilla. They were extremely excited, but then really wanted to know where it was. I’m sure many of you are also going to have to check the atlas. The easiest way to find it is to find St. Martin and then find the small island right next door. That’s her, and that’s where we set up camp next week for what turns out to be a very pivotal episode. I think you can see how things are coming to a head with many of the ladies. Something about a little sunshine and salt water forces things to a boiling point.”

Read the full blog for more behind-the-scenes details from Chris.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

02.11.2011 / 01:31 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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