Have Aria and Ezra Actually Slept Together?
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Pretty Little Liars

Have Aria and Ezra Actually Slept Together?

Aria and Ezra on Pretty Little Liars make such a cute couple that we sometimes forget how illegal their relationship is. The adorable pair have lots of chemistry and will do anything to be together, but according to Ian Harding, they haven’t actually had sex yet.

Ian told TV Fanatic that "I feel like if that [sex] were to come about, if their relationship were to progress in a physical manner, it would have to be under certain circumstances. I feel like it was implied at one point....I remember there was a phone call Aria made to say she was sleeping over at Spencer’s, and she wasn’t. So I think they slept in the same apartment, yes...their relationship isn’t completely puppy love, but it isn’t something we would see on True Blood."

Ian acknowledges that sex is a sensitive subject since his character is older and happens to be Aria’s teacher. However, he says that what Aria and Ezra have is "a once in a lifetime relationship."

If Ian says Ezra and Aria haven’t slept together, then we believe it. However, Executive Producer Marlene King explains that it’s up to the fans to decide. She told TVDoneWright, “we have treated it almost as if it’s a mystery. Viewers have come to their own conclusions about how far this relationship has gone and I will let our fans continue to enjoy those theories.” But we’re guessing they haven’t had sex since she adds that their “romance is more romantic than physical.”

Sources: TVFanatic; TVDoneWright


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