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American Idol

Recap of American Idol, Season 10 Hollywood Week, Round 1

Couples Who Tried to Stay Together

The contestants: Ex-couple Rob Bolin and Chelsee Oaks, who auditioned together in Nashville after breaking up.
The outcome: J.Lo’s prediction for a reconciliation was wrong. They’re still broken up — but they’re both staying in the competition after surviving sudden death.

The contestants: Jaqueline Dunford and Nick Fink, the lovey-dovey couple who auditioned in Nashville.
The outcome: Guess we now know who is the most talented half of this cute couple! Jacqueline made the cut and Nick was sent packing. Poor guy really tried so hard to change the judges’ minds, but it just wasn’t working.
Credit: Michael Becker/FOX    

Moms and Dads Who Made The Cut

The contestant: James Durbin, the San Francisco hopeful/struggling dad who suffers from Tourette’s and Asperger’s.
The outcome: This rocker with impressive range is still in the competition. No surprise here.

The contestant:
Paris Tassin, the New Orleans hopeful whose daughter suffers from hearing loss.
The outcome: Her little girl would be proud. Mommy rocked her audition!

Other Contestants Going Through:

• Tiffany Rios, the hopeful who auditioned in New Jersey with stars strategically placed on her you-know-whats. (FYI: She’s the girl-with-attitude to watch out for in Hollywood, after she declared in front of everyone on stage, “I’m going to be honest. I’m tired of seeing people try to do what I know I can.” Conceited much?)
• Rachel Zevita from the New Jersey auditions.
• Casey Abrams, the rocker from the Austin auditions.
• Chris Medina, the singer with the disabled fiancé from the Milwaukee auditions.
• Clint “Junebug” Gamboa, the karaoke host from the San Francisco auditions.
• The Gutierrez brothers from the L.A. auditions.
• Jackie Wilson from the Nashville auditions.
• Jerome Bell from the Milwaukee auditions.

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Talented Teens Who Learned Their Fate

The contestant: Bullied teen Brett Loewenstern, who auditioned in New Orleans.
The outcome: It’s on to the next round for Brett! ““I’m done being the victim,” he said. “I’m really gonna shine out and show that, you know what? I’m appreciative that I have this great opportunity.”

The contestant: Perky teen Victoria Huggins, who auditioned in New Jersey. (The one who’s skirt was just the right length during her first audition, according to Steven.)
The outcome: Oh, no! Victoria is headed home after an audition that was maybe overly perky. Okay probably overly perky.

The contestant: Thia Megia, the talented 15-year-old from the Milwaukee audition.
The outcome: Was there any doubt? She sailed on to the next round.

The contestant: Lauren Alaina Suddeth, the 15-year-old who became an early favorite after she sang “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” for Steven in Nashville.
The outcome: She won’t miss a thing for the next round. She’s moving on, of course!

The contestant: Stormi Henley, the former Miss Teen USA who Jennifer rejected after her first audition in Nashville.
The outcome: J.Lo was right. Stormi was sent packing.

The contestant: Hollie Cavanagh, the contestant whose nerves got the best of her when she auditioned in Austin — but got sent through after singing a second song, “The Climb.”
The outcome: Nerves? What nerves? Hollie was on fire in Hollywood. She made the cut.

The contestant: Jacee Badeaux, the 15-year-old kid with the innocent face, young speaking voice, and amazing talent. He auditioned in New Orleans.
The outcome: Jacee is still in the house! Woot, woot!

The contestant: Robbie Rosen, the talented teen from Merrick, New York, who auditioned in New Jersey.
The outcome: Robbie rocked it in Hollywood. He’s not going anywhere for now.

The contestant: Scott McCreery, the 17-year-old with a deep, classic country voice, who auditioned in Milwaukee.
The outcome: Scott and his deep voice aren’t going anywhere!

The contestant: Travis Orlando, the teen from the Bronx whose family was recently homeless.
The outcome: So sad! Travis didn’t make the cut because he turned out a less-than-impressive performance in Hollywood. “It hurts. I hurts a lot,” he said. “I had my mind set on this… I’m not gonna give up… Maybe I’ll be back next year.”
Credit: Michael Becker/FOX    

Ryan Seacrest kicks of Hollywood Week by reminding viewers that this season’s Hollywood round would be twice as hard: double the amount of contestants, two times the drama, and two times the talent. That’s a lot of multiplication, Ry! But most importantly, a total of 367 hopefuls who received golden tickets during the audition rounds hopped on a plane to Hollywood, where Randy said they had “to bring it hard or forget about it.”

The dawg is so right. In the first day of Hollywood Week, the contestants come out on stage in lines of ten. Individually, they must each sing a song a cappella, with no feedback from the judges. Then, sudden death style, the judges must choose the contestants they want to keep and the contestants they want to send packing.

All of the contestants we loved in the nationwide auditions are all there in one place, and we’re dying to know how they’re going to do in Hollywood. Will they be able to bring it when the pressure is on?

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