Tamala Jones Dishes on Sex Scene With Castle Costar Jon Huertas
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Tamala Jones Dishes on Sex Scene With Castle Costar Jon Huertas

Castle and Beckett aren’t the only Castle couple heating up our small screens! Lanie (Tamala Jones) and Esposito (Jon Huertas) are another drool-worthy couple worth watching. Tamala recently dished to The Desk of Brian about the on-screen relationship, including whose idea it was, how to deal with awkward sex scenes, and how much we’ll see of the duo in the future.

MG: "Tell us about your new relationship on the show with costar Jon Huertas?"

TJ: "Jon is the one that made this thing happen. The whole Lanie and Esposito thing is his idea. He has been campaigning this since last season, and it finally happened. We were just shooting the ‘morning after’ scene, and Jon was just so nervous. He wanted to know if I was covered up properly and if I was comfortable. He was the one with the skimpier outfit than I was. I had underwear on and pasties covering. Jon’s butt cheeks where out [laughs]. He was a little nervous but we had a good time… a lot of laughs.

They are going to play with the relationship a little bit here and there. They are not going to make it so strong, which is what I like about the writers and producers on Castle. They will give you something and then they’ll take it back a little bit. Then give you little bits at a time to keep you intrigued and wanting more. I think that is really smart. You will see little things here and there…a little slip up at work, just little stuff."

Source: The Desk of Brian