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Top 3 Beckett and Castle Moments From Season 3, Episode 14: “Lucky Stiff”

It was the first new episode after the kiss and all anyone wanted to talk about was money. Really? Just like Castle and Beckett were “forced” to go clubbing undercover to get the information they needed, we have to go behind their words to discover their true meaning.

3. Castle to Beckett: “The only luxury I truly care about is freedom — the freedom to write, spend time with Alexis. Having that money allows me to live life on my terms.”

Translation: “Sometimes I have grown-up thoughts. You should kiss me again.”

Um, didn’t he forget to mention that money also gives him the freedom to work full-time as her sidekick? Sure, Castle bought that property on the moon just last month. But now Beckett has confirmation that it isn’t all about mechanical arms, light sabers, and fencing equipment for this guy.

2. Beckett to Martha: “Someone once told me that money doesn’t change you, it just magnifies who you are.”

Translation: “I hang on your son’s every word, but this line was catchy enough for me to repeat.”

It was a rare Beckett and Martha moment — the former in a basic black ten-inch dress, the latter in a silk blouse and five gold necklaces. Beckett found that the only way to comfort Martha, ridden with guilt over her surprise inheritance from Chet, was to repeat Castle’s words of wisdom and encourage her to honor Chet’s memory in some way. It was a precious moment not just because Castle overheard, but because he’s the only one who gets through to either of them.

1. Castle to Beckett: “I know what you would do if you won the lottery.”

Translation: “I am going to do what you would do if you won the lottery, because I am very rich and obsessed with your happiness.”

For some reason Martha’s announcement about her new acting school made Castle realize what Beckett would do if she won the lottery, a topic she’d been resisting all episode. In a serious Prince Charming move, he called the dean of the law school Beckett’s mom attended and set up a scholarship fund in her name. Beckett being Beckett said, “You just can’t stay out of my personal life, can you?” Sigh. She redeemed herself with a “thank you” and they sat to plan a fundraiser. Not exactly another make-out sesh, but we’ll take it.

02.11.2011 / 12:42 AM EDT by Lauren Bull
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