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Top 10 Funniest Quotes From Bones Season 6, Episode 13: “The Daredevil in the Mold”

Compared to other episodes, “The Daredevil in the Mold” is less funny and more sad. You have a dead 20-year-old, a brokenhearted Booth, and some beautiful bling that ends up in the Potomac. Seeing as how Seeley is drunk for most of the episode, the rest of the cast has to pick up the slack — and the silly. Read on for our picks for the top 10 most amusing quotes from Bones Season 6, Episode 13!

10. Rethinking those shots, eh?
A hungover Booth to Brennan: Jeez, it’s so bright up here. Isn’t it? I feel like I’m walking on the sun.

9. Fisher’s bladder didn’t get the “chill out” memo
Fisher: The doctor said the soothing sounds could help dispel my sense of dread and hopelessness. Oh, also herbal tea helps.
Hodgins: And it’s working?
Fisher: Other than more frequent trips to the bathroom, I’m chill.

8. Good luck with that, Cam
Cam: Well with all these fractures, we should be able to identify the victim through medical records. I’ll put out an all points bulletin for a human piñata.

7. A calm Fisher = an agitated Hodgins
Fisher to Hodgins: That won’t mark the bone, will it?
Hodgins: No, it’s nylon. However it’s perfect for strangling.

6. Because bed bunnies are much more appetizing...
Cam to Hodgins: Oh god, you’re not going to ruin a perfectly good snack by talking about bedbugs, are you?
Hodgins: If you want, I can call them bunnies?

5. Angela’s maternal instincts go in to overdrive
Brennan to a fallen BMX rider: That leg should be set. You really shouldn’t try to stand.
BMX rider: I’m okay. It’s only broken a little bit.
Angela: A little bit? Does your mother know what you’re doing out here?
BMX rider: What?
Booth about Angela: She’s pregnant.
BMX rider: The FBI is weird, dude.

4. But what are they saying?
Angela: Are the hormones talking again?
Hodgins: Screaming, actually.

3. Noel turns lemons into lemonade
Noel: My powers of observation are acute.
Sweets: Yeah, I saw the stalking arrest on your rap sheet.

2. Welcome to motherhood, Angela
Brennan: Why are you using toys?
Angela: I’m pregnant. I can’t seem to pass a toy store without going in it.

1. That might be a pretty crappy proposal
Booth about Daisy: When you proposed last time, did you give her a ring?
Sweets: Yeah, my grandmother’s ring.
Booth: Ah, why don’t you just give her that one again?
Sweets: Well, she had to swallow it when she was in Indonesia so it wouldn’t get stolen.
Booth: Oh, well, did you ever get it back?
Sweets: Yeah, it just doesn’t seem that romantic to propose with a ring that had to be fished out of the toilet, you know?
Booth: Yeah, that is kind of gross.

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