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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Top 10 OMG Moments of All-Time from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

We’re as sad as you are that the first-season insanity on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has finally come to an end. To help you relive the cattiness and craziness, we’ve compiled the 10 most unbelievable moments to take place this season. And we even have a few honorable mentions at the end, because it’s impossible to narrow it down to just 10!

10. Kyle’s bikini wax (From Episode 8)
You know what’s a nice mother-daughter bonding moment? Watching Marley and Me. You know what’s not? Watching your mother get her bikini line waxed. Somehow, Kyle got confused. And yet this is the woman who wants more kids to raise!

9. Russell will now have a literal doghouse to sleep in (From Episode 4)
Just when we thought Russell could hardly be less likable, the guy goes behind Taylor’s back and purchases a dog as a gift that he has no intention of caring for. There hasn’t been a gift that required this much upkeep since the French gave us the Statue of Liberty.

8. Nick pops up in Vegas... for no apparent reason (From Episode 3)
Yes, there were countless awkward Camille-Nick moments all season, but this episode’s were the craziest. First, we see the awkward tennis workout (so much superfluous stretching!), where Camille is desperate to get Nick’s attention. And then Nick “coincidentally” shows up in Vegas, where he kisses Camille and basically invites himself to stay for dinner. Uh oh — now we can’t decide if it’s Nick or Camille who’s more desperate for attention! Don’t make us choose!

7. Camille gives Kyle a book called, “You’re a Stupid Bitch.” Or something like that. (From Episode 11)
Who else was impressed that Kyle didn’t immediately slap Camille upon receiving that “gift”? We still can’t believe that Camille would have the audacity to give such a gift!

6. “Pull some Oklahoma on your ass” (From Episode 6)
Apparently, Taylor thought that Kyle and Camille were having so much fun during their pointless argument that Taylor didn’t want to feel left out. So she threatens to fight Kim and “pull some Oklahoma.” Uh, what does “pull some Oklahoma” mean? Maybe she plans to break out into a song from the musical Oklahoma?

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5. Fired via text (From Episode 10)
As it turns out, Camille is even capable of ruining parties that she doesn’t attend. Camille’s text to Kyle — dismissing Mauricio as their realtor — was the kind of merciless firing that would have even made Donald Trump proud.

4. Ken tells Cedric he can’t miss him if he won’t go away (From Episode 12)
Ken grows a pair and tells Ced to move it or lose it. And yes, we feel for Cedric. But was he *ever* planning to leave? We can’t blame Ken for wanting Cedric to go away after all this time (which also happens to describe how we feel about Two and a Half Men).

3. Camille changes her mind and starts hating Kyle again (From Episode 5)
Apparently, Camille is not a fan of being called “insecure,” as she proved that her fight with Kyle really may go on forever. In fact, we have a feeling that it will be decades from now, Kelsey will be long dead, and Camille will still be debating whether people find her interesting without him.

2. Two words: Allison. Dubois. (From Episode 9)
We’re guessing Allison won’t be invited to many dinner parties, after she wreaks havoc at Camille’s. And all we could think after she threatened to stick the cigarette up Kyle's you-know-what is, "We hope Allison doesn't plan on reusing it after that."

1. The worst limo ride ever (From Episode 13)
This was the most shocking moment in a season that was full of them! Kyle and Kim had been going back and forth in that limo, but when Kim says Kyle stole her house, Kyle finally snaps, calling Kim an alcoholic and promising that Mauricio will be cutting her off, before she finally lunges at Kim. Uh, aren’t limo rides supposed to be fun?

Honorable mentions: Kelsey sends Camille packing; Kennedy hates her $60K party; and Lisa — in complete Lisa fashion — buys a pair of chocolate Louboutins. (How is it possible to not love Lisa?)