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The Bachelor

Vienna Girardi: “I Am Not Dating Wes Hayden! I Do Not Have A Boyfriend!”

This back and forth between former Season 14 Bachelor BFFs Vienna Girardi and Gia Allemand might continue forever... But now it's time for Vienna to share her side of the story. She explains the ladies' angry Twitter feud in this short video on the official Bachelor site, filmed at the Hollywood Bachelor reunion.

According to Vienna, the fight started when her mom told her about a tweet she received from Gia, which said Gia should be the next Bachelorette since Vienna is now dating Wes Hayden. (The tweet linked to our new Bachelorette poll.)

Wes and Gia became close on Bachelor Pad, but she was dating NHL player Chris Campoli at the time. Vienna said she met Wes once in Texas with a group of friends, but they were never dating. She said she tried to clear up the rumors with Gia, but Gia said they were no longer friends.

Vienna said even if she was dating Wes — and she says she's not — Gia shouldn't have been upset because she was sleeping with her ex-boyfriend, Chris, as well as … and at this point the video isn’t clear, but it sounds like Vienna’s accusing Gia of sleeping with someone else.

Vienna said it's low to make something up to gain exposure. "Do not involve me in the lies," she says. Don't accuse her of being a "bad friend" or an "ex-best friend" because of it "because I did nothing wrong."

“I'm not dating Wes Hayden,” she says, laughing. “You're ruining my play right now! You're ruining my game. I'm trying to be The Bachelorette or at least have a boyfriend or something."

She says if Gia were a real friend and she was upset, she should’ve called her to talk instead of going on Twitter.

Vienna leaves us with this statement, which seems to refute the new Kasey Kahl rumors: "I am not dating Wes Hayden. I do not have a boyfriend. Yes, I am still looking for Mr. Right and no, I did not start the Twitter fight, I was defending myself."