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Jersey Shore

Snooki’s Best Grammy Red Carpet Moments

Snooki had a new red carpet strategy this year: "I'm gonna, like, study a little bit more, what people are up for, and who they are. I'm not gonna be like, 'Yo, Kings of Leon, like, who are you?' That's what I did last year."

And so Snooki was back on the Grammy red carpet for MTV last night, wearing a sparkly mini-dress with two unfortunately poofy shoulder pads. The Jersey Shore star has two interviewing styles, distinguishable only by her initial greeting: 1) "Hi, I'm Snooki," and 2) "Yayyyy! Oh, my God, I love you."

So how did she fare? The thing about Snooki is that she's clearly the most entertaining part of whatever she's involved in (last night being no exception), but it's sometimes hard to distinguish between her best and worst moments. So hard, in fact, that we're forced to combine them — "borst."

Here are ten of her "borst" moments.

10. Jordin Sparks got Snooki's vote... Four years ago.

When Sparks stopped by to chat with Snooki and co-host Sway, Snooks made it a point to tell Sparks, "I voted for you." Sparks and Sway both looked confused, and so Snooki clarified, "American Idol," as though Sparks was still a contestant.

9. The president of the Recording Academy got some sage advice.

Snooki to Neil Portnow, president of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences: "All you need are the Jersey Shore kids fist-pumping, and you've got a great show!" And guess what? Proving Snooks always gets the last laugh, dude wanted his picture taken with her.

8. Matthew Morrison wore Snooki out.

After correcting Glee star Matthew Morrison on proper Jersey lingo — GTL, not GLT — Snooki had to take one of her many these-heels-are-killing-me breaks. "My feet hurt, I'm gonna go," she said mid-interview. "Nice to meet you."

7. Miley Cyrus picked Fran Drescher over Snooki, but Snooki did not mind.

After Miley Cyrus and Snooki gushed over each other for a little while ("What are you doing after this?" Snooki asked), the big question remained: Did Cyrus ever dress up as Snooki for Halloween? "I decided this year, I'm going to be the Nanny," Cyrus confessed. "I freakin' love that," Snooki said. "I really want to hang out with you later."

6. Snooki and Kathy Griffin "invented" a new word.

Here's how it happened:

Griffin: "We have to think of a new word for under-boob sweat."
Snooki: "Sh*t."

5. Snooki admits Kim Kardashian was not her favorite interview of the night... In front of Kim Kardashian.

"I do love Kim, but... Nicki Minaj!"

4. Bruno Mars was forced to admit he knew the meaning of "grenade."

After much cajoling, singer-songwriter Bruno Mars admitted that he knew a grenade referred to a "not so attractive woman." This delighted Snooki to no end, as she's pretty much enamored of Mars: "You're probably, like, the greatest songwriter I've ever seen," she said. And also: "Can you, like, see us as a couple?" Jionni better watch out!

3. Snooki can talk British.

Testing out Jay Sean's Britishness, Snooki asked, "Can you say, 'Yo, Snooki, let's smush'?" Sean tried to explain that the Brits say "snog, S-N-O-G," but Snooki kept thinking it was "snug," S-N-U-G and hilarity ensued. But no worries. She got the interview back on track: "I can talk British, ready? Ha-llo!"

2. David Guetta remembered Snooki with the help of Snooki.

After telling the producer/DJ that he was the only person she knew on the red carpet last year, Guetta needed a little assistance in, um, knowing who Snooki was. She kindly refreshed his memory: "Remember? Snooki? Jersey Shore? Guidos? Fist Pump?" It all came flooding back to him, and they hugged it out.

1. Snooki asked Drake, "Did you and Rhianna smush?"

In front of Drake's mother.


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